15 of the Most Astonishing Questions Asked on Ask SAHM This Month

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15 of the Most Astonishing Questions Asked on Ask SAHM This Month

Sometimes, it’s amazing (or rather amusing) what some people have in mind.

And these are just what you will be finding in our Ask SAHM forum — questions that range from silly to unbelievable to outright astonishing. Month by month, there’s always something to look forward to.

This month is no different as people ask questions that are often relatable or would just blow your mind. So, as you check out this month’s “collection”, we’ll give you a few of the ones we thought you’d be interested in. Let’s start off with the most common questions about…well, you guessed it right, mothers-in-law. Here goes!

15. Restraining orders just for violence or other abuse too?

“Ex MIL is a full on narcissist and over 7 years has managed to completely brainwash my eldest child into hating my guts. Worried now for my younger 2, they have had nothing to do with their Dad for 2 years and now that he’s had to start paying cos he is trying to weasel his way in. His mother is moving to our town soon (ex already lives here) and i have a feeling they are going to try getting the kids to live with them. I will go and start mediation (again) but I’m wanting to know what my chances are of getting a restraining order against ex MIL. I know I can’t stop my ex. She is extremely malicious and damaging and her behaviour has caused 2 suicides, an employee and one of her children. I don’t think I’m overreacting by wanting her away from my kids.”

14. How to deal with my mother in law

“We normally avoid her like the plague but there’s a family function coming up that we’re both going to be at. Can’t avoid it and we don’t want to not go just because she’s going to be there (like some of our other family members plan to do) She’s intimidating, tries to stand above us all the time and we just know she’s going to make a scene. There’s no doubt in our minds that she’ll take the opportunity to try and speak to us about our issues with her despite us telling her that we don’t want to talk to her. I’m already feeling anxious about seeing her. She has this wonderful ability of making us out to be the bad guys when really we’re only distancing ourselves from her because of her ongoing bad behaviour. How do we handle it? Leave if it gets too awkward or just tell her that we’re not there to see her and we don’t want to talk to her? I need advice on how to be brave and stand up to her.”

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13. How do I deal with an emotional MIL ?

“She thinks she can fix everyone’s problem and needs to be involved in people’s business.”

12. How to keep mean in-laws at distance?

“They dismiss their actions and never apologise. Cycle continues. They find random reasons to keep in touch then crosses line, damaged our terms with others, spread rumors about us, more interested in gaining power over our lives, judgmental, more interested in our social circle, possessions than our health and well-being. How to dodge their random messages to keep them away, to stop them from visiting us. We want to see them once in a year or two. We don’t want keep up communication through out the year. We are only ones easy to fool in the family. Also we don’t understand their manipulative motives until after things happen. MIL is the main culprit. She did all this then she acts like nobody cares for her, she plays like a victim and complains very assertively that it becomes hard to remind her and ask for apology. She’s got very low self esteem and envy me a lot. She had turned all the likes into dislikes for me so far and she’s not nice with my kids when no one is watching. Please help!”

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11. Communication pattern with nasty in-laws?

“Folks! I need your suggestions on how I should interact with my in-laws. Problem is I’m on a little dumb side to understand their manipulation and realise things after, too naive.”

10. Phone call

“Yesterday I was at my laws and my phone rang and I excused myself and when I came back my mother in law said who was it? I said no one you know and my mother in law said are you having an affair and I went red as a beetroot. How do you deal with nosey people ?”

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9. TMI

“I’m always wet down there. Like a thin discharge. Always! Ive been to the doctors, I’ve had swabs taken, blood tests etc they can’t find anything wrong. No other symptoms. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the reason? If you ever got one? Thanks xx”

8. How can I find my partner attractive?

“I cannot stop lusting over my neighbour! I’d never be unfaithful. I just want to feel attracted to him but I never have felt it. We have a fault so I have to work it out. My neighbour is funny and sexy etc and i can’t stop thinking about him. I would definitely have a crack if I were single but I’m not.”

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