15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

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15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

It’s just so amazing how people can have really wild thoughts on someone despite being married or engaged.

Well, we may have our own fair share too but 15 people shared with us their wildest Dirty Little Secrets that actually blew our minds.

So, here are 15 of the wildest Dirty Little Secrets we gathered for your reading pleasure…

15. “Impure thoughts…”

I’m having impure thoughts about a workmate. And I might be dreaming but I’m starting to think he might be feeling the same way. He’s gone from trackies and holey tshirts (we work on a farm, that’s standard attire) to super sexy jeans and hot westie shirts. The only other woman there is 65 years old.

15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month | Stay At Home Mum
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14. “Must get away…”

Holy crap I’m going to hell. What is wrong with me? I will not act on it. I will not act on it. Ex has re-entered my life and all I can think about is his c**k. It would be so much easier to ignore his blatant come ons if I was happy in my marriage. Shit. Even thinking about it I feel guilty. Must walk away and cut off contact. Must walk away and cut off contact. There is good reason I broke up with him. Hubby and I will get there. It’s just a rough patch, we’ve had a lot of shit to deal with over the past year. I love my husband. We will get through this rough patch.

15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month | Stay At Home Mum
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13. “I stripped for him…”

I posted recently (husband works with the woman he cheated with still) anyway I was tired and we were staying at his brothers house after a date (on date husband insulted me lots called me, fat, old, bkring then still tried to get laid after!) Anyway he was in bathroom and I went to get changed, his younger brother was there and no one ever notices me, so I stripped for him. I wanted to know if a man could find me attractive again and I enjoyed him watching me for a while then he walked away. My husband came out and saw me topless and didnt care because his brother wouldnt have noticed but part of me feels sexy knowing he definitely noticed. I wish he had touched me it’s been months since I was touched and years since anyone’s looked at my body like I was wow.

15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month | Stay At Home Mum
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12. “I get so wet…”

I feel terrible. But I want to open my legs and just let this guy f**k me. He’s married and they have a child that I babysit. I get so wet when I talk to him and just want him to rip my clothes off and just f**k me anywhere in the house. Just long and hard and ugh! I can tell his dick is thick and big and mmmmm! But I won’t. I’ll just fantasise I’m engaged.

15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month | Stay At Home Mum
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11. “This raunchy dream…”

I love my partner so much, he is great. I don’t know why I keep have this raunchy dream about one of my friends husband!!! I have been trying not to think about it but it turns me on so much. I wish I could get it out if my head.

15 Of The Wildest Dirty Little Secrets This Month | Stay At Home Mum
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10. “Chemistry and sexual tension…”

I can’t stop thinking about one of my exes. We’re still friendly and whenever we see each other there’s a lot of chemistry and sexual tension in the air. We’re both happily married, but it feels like unfinished business there. The thing is, I love my husband. Really I do, but it doesn’t stop me thinking about him and imagining the life we could have had together.

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9. “I touched myself for him…”

Between my partners late working nights and my insomnia and other factors at play, we hadnt really touched in other in 4 days. This is Massive for us. Me particularly. He can keep up with me for the most part but my sex drive is a little higher than his. This morning for the first time in our relationship (or Any guy for that matter) i touched myself for him. Drove him wild anyways, after i made a joke about my fingers are smelly. He said your not smelly down there at all. I said thats so sweet they should put it on a Hallmark card

Stay At Home Mum
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8. “Playing with my own boobs…”

I have so much to do today but here I am, in bed, playing with my own boobs for an hour after getting out of the shower. Not sexually playing with them. Just watching how they jiggle and wobble. Hahaha they look like jelly out of those weird molds from the 70s. Just wobbling around.

Stay At Home Mum
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7. “The hottest solo shower session…and then…”

Omg had the hottest solo shower session in a while. But mid orgasm, must have been a bit too into it and hurt my lower back bahaha opps. Told the physio it happened when I was twisting around in the car from the front to do up my child’s car seat. Hahaha umm opps.

Stay At Home Mum
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6. “I’m accidentally going to hump his leg …”

My husband has done his back and his physio is seriously the hottest guy I’ve even seen in my life. I nearly wet myself every time he walks in the room. I swear I’m accidentally going to hump his leg without even realising I’m doing it.

Stay At Home Mum
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5. “This chick…”

I never wanted to be this chick but i sooo badly want to f**k my boyfriend’s mate.

Stay At Home Mum
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4. “My f**k buddy is back…”

My f**k buddy is back. 6 months of not seeing him, played my cards right and woohoo. The greatest sex ever. Just wish he would leave his wife.

Stay At Home Mum
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3. “I’ve had him in my a*s…”

I enjoy sucking my husband off after I’ve had him in my a*s

Stay At Home Mum
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2. “No emotion sex…”

Had a one night stand with my son’s karate instructor. OMG the absolute best. Definitely scratched an itch I had lol. Best but is that we can both carry on as if nothing happened and nothing more will come about it either. No emotion sex rocks your world!

Stay At Home Mum
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1. “F***ed eight men…”

Went to a sex party and f***ed 8 men. Plus the one I went with. It was wild. You will probably think I am a sl*t but son’t Knock it until you try it. Have been walking on sunshine ever since.

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