20 Of The Juiciest And Nastiest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

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20 Of The Juiciest And Nastiest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

Take that off your chest and tell it to us now!

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it secret…oops! Well, at least your name is.

If you’ve got some decades-long secret you’ve been wanting to tell the world and aren’t afraid of doing it, well, here’s your chance. You’ll never know somebody somewhere has that same experience you’ve had and can keep you company, at least virtually.

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But if you’re somebody who just wants to read the nastiest secrets of people you don’t know, we’ve got you covered. Here are 20 of the juiciest, naughtiest, dirty little secrets we’ve read…and we’ve got the funniest too this month! Enjoy!

20. Pregnant and desperate…

“I’m so sad and hormonal right now. I didn’t sleep last night, my kids have been at my throat all day, then my husband comes home from work and expects me to go grocery shopping. On 3 hours sleep, and with morning sickness.

He snaps at me all afternoon and then when I finally fall asleep he wakes me up pissed off that the kids aren’t in bed yet. Then storms out to get himself some takeaway without even asking me if I’m hungry (which I am, because I couldn’t eat the dinner he demanded earlier thanks to food aversions).

I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m nauseous and I need a hug. He tried to make it up by giving me a couple of onion rings. Like he hasn’t shit on my feelings all afternoon. Like I haven’t been busting my arse all day and had it thrown back in my face. He’s in the shower now and I’m crying on the lounge. God I’m so pathetic.”

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19. Down and out…

“I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago…all because he loved another girl called Jane…..and I saw them kiss…my heart broke into pieces….and I’m still broken from the death of my best friend :/ she got bullied and one day a bully wrote from her to me I was dumb and I believed it..and she jumped off the roof of school… 🙁 I feel super broken ..”

18. Fearsome threesome…

“I’m so damn mad at my boyfriend at first when we had you know…I was ok with it but soon he f*ck invited friend and of course what did they do to me they asked to have…..I was mad and upset I need to f*ck dump him.”

17. When lying is no longer working…

“My husband is seeing someone else. It’s awkward, he keeps lying (I suppose that’s logical) about where he’s going. I don’t understand how it doesn’t dawn on him that i know. He thinks because he won’t let me look at his fancy new phone that i can’t work it out, but the account is in my name, and I’m apparently fairly smart in terms of investigations. I guess he’s underestimating me again :/.

Need to work through the logistics i suppose before i let him know. If it wasn’t for the kids it would be easy to let go. Still feels so hard though with no family here and I’m scared of losing my kids and the impact it could have on them. And i’m a bit scared of being alone.

Decisions are so hard especially those that have such long term implications… Geez is it even a decision, if it is i’m not sure it’s mine…”

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16. Young and helpless…

“Just found out that my sister was sexually assaulted as a child by one of my alcoholic mother’s multiple boyfriends. I really don’t remember anything about my childhood apart from very small snippets…it makes me wonder that maybe there’s a good reason for that….”

Exciting dirty little secrets, next…

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