20 Of The Juiciest And Nastiest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

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20 Of The Juiciest And Nastiest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

15. When sexy isn’t what she needed…

“Married for 10 years and like my husband. But having sex with him makes my skin crawl. There is never any foreplay and when he does do it, it’s about 3 minutes long. Him on top. I hate it. I have tried talking to him about it and he tries to be ‘sexy’ but it makes it worse. I think that even if we did make real love, my heart wouldn’t be in it. I don’t want him in that way.

I have recently found myself seriously fantasising about other men. Men I know and work with. I hate myself for it – that I can get aroused by these men – but then I don’t want to release with my husband. I just don’t know what to do.”

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14. A 20-year secret…

“I found out my Mum cheated on my Dad before he died… She doesn’t know I know. I am strangely placid about it, like after 20 years it doesn’t matter. Is it better to betray a dead man by not defending his honour or to have my Mum in my life?”

13. The naughty friend…

“Last night was the worse I walked on my friend having sex with my brother and my crush!! I said “you b*ch ” so I’m not talking to my brother anymore he is a d*ck 🙁 I feel so bad for myself… “

12. Friends with “benefits”…

“So confused. Had a f**k buddy (he was married) for 8 years. The best sex ever. Haven’t seen nor spoken to him for just over a year. Suddenly he has appeared by adding and waving at me on a chat forum. What to do?? I have ignored. I have no desire to have sex with him anymore or see him. But curiosity wants to know what he wants and why he is trying to make contact after so long. If he is still with his wife. Could even be his wife laying bait to see if I respond. So confusing.”

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11. Speaking of erotic thoughts…

“Is it wrong that I have erotic thoughts about my son’s speech pathologist? He’s tall, dark and has that thing about him and sometimes I think about shagging him over his desk”

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