20 Of The Juiciest And Nastiest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

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20 Of The Juiciest And Nastiest Dirty Little Secrets This Month

10. In cloud nine…

“Love getting high just to masturbate Feels fu****g amazing. Anyone else do this!”

9. Sex toys win!

“I spent $200 online on sex toys just for myself! Yep I’ve opened it and used them regularly and he has NO idea! I don’t think sex with him will ever be the same I think I love my toys!”

5 | Stay at Home

8. “All by themselves…”

“I masturbate every day/second day sometimes using porn and my hubby doesn’t know! Although I’m pretty sure he does the same so I don’t feel so bad anyway”

7. So romantic…until the wife finds out…

“Have been having very intimate conversations with two separate guys and masturbating all day… I m sooooo sore but I was fulfilled every time…one guy even talked me through the process and I talked him through his… I had him so turned on all day he was literally in pain for me.

We had a date last night… We watched the same movie and talked throughout the entire movie about what was happening. I’m coming out of a very long term relationship and have never done anything that romantic, he was just thinking of me and wanted to be with me but because he is so far way (4hrs) it was impossible, he made me feel so loved and cared for.

Now we just have to hope his wife doesn’t find out… Uh oh. And yes he is already going through the process of divorcing her, she just doesn’t know it…yet”

6. The pastor’s wife

“I’m a pastor’s wife, we have 3 kids and a very mundane and boring sex life. He’d kill me if he found out I watched porn during the day and masturbated and fantasised about big black c::ks while he was in the church office preparing sermons…”

6 | Stay at Home

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