20 People Confess Their Shocking Secrets They Have Kept Hidden

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We all have secrets — some harmless, others just downright shocking.

It’s not easy to tell secrets, especially if you think it could ruin you or if it’s out of character, but sometimes, it’s easier if you let it all out (well, anonymously that is).

One Asker asked What is something people (who know you) would probably be shocked to find out about you?* and a barrage of suprisingly shocking secrets were revealed. Here are some of them:

*Some entries have been edited for clarity, spelling, and grammar.

“When I was 25, I had sex with my landlord to reduce my rent by $100 fortnight.”

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“Have slept with over 50 men. Can’t even remember some names. One threesome. My church community would be shocked, to say the least.”

“I was molested by family and bashed by my parents. This is hard to believe because I am a teacher and most people assume teachers haven’t had a tough upbringing.”

“I am actually very very rich! I constantly make out that I live week to week and have to watch my spending etc, but I love bargain/treasure hunting through garage sales, online BSS sites and i grocery shop the specials. I just pretend it though, to live a humble and simple life is truly what makes our little family happy. I set up trust accounts for my children to access when they are 30 years old (they are below 8 at the moment) and travel a lot. I just do it on a “budget”. It’s great, I am a multimillionaire and nobody knows. Instead, I pull off the single struggling mum really well!”

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“About two months ago, I planned to end my life. I was so depressed and completely done with life.”

“I had an affair with a married man for 5 years.”

“Had an abortion when I was 17. Both my parents and partner at the time pressured me into it. It was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. I became withdrawn and depressed and attempted suicide 3 times. 18 years later, I still remember every little detail, it haunts my life and I will forever regret not standing up to those people. My life was ruined that day.”

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“I look like I have my s&@t together, but I don’t. I put on a happy face, but I’m so bloody lonely. People tell me I make it look easy to be a single mum of 3. If only they really knew the truth. It’s broken me more than once. When my kids are with their Dad, I stay home and eat junk & sleep, because I don’t want to face the world. They don’t know how much I struggle or how hard it is to put on a happy face for my kids. But, my alarm will go off at 6am tomorrow, I will wake up & keep chugging along because I have too.”

“I slept with my ex’s brother (we were both single at the time and it was 2 years after we split).”

“I use to smoke a lot of weed. I only stopped about 1 year ago completely as I started getting panic attacks. I don’t smoke at all now even occasionally… but I work with kids and I work heavily with the community. I’m fairly certain my hubby is an obvious stoner though so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise but it’s still caught people off guard. Go figure. Even my husband catches people off guard sometimes. I’m like really???”

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Another Asker asked What’s the biggest thing you’ve kept hidden from your partner?* and the revelations keep getting better. Here goes!

*Some entries have been edited for clarity, spelling, and grammar.

“Our financial situation. My husband thinks we live week to week and only just make ends meet. He is very bad with money, anything in savings, he will take out and spend on crap. I manage the money and have everything on direct debit, I take money and put it in an account in another bank. He has no idea.”

“An abortion.

Our relationship at the time was messed up. He slept with someone else at the same time, So we both had secrets. His came out mine didn’t. Well, actually, I think there’s still a skeleton or two in his closet pre fuckgate. We moved on and in spite of my own disbelief and actually have a great relationship with 3 beautiful kids. Feels like a lifetime ago now. 15 years I think? We’re about to hit the 25-year mark together. Crazy.

I knew he wouldn’t agree. I knew I’d be pressured into having it. I knew we were in a terrible place I had a gut feeling he was up to no good. He had a lot of mental health issues going on at the time. It was a totally unhealthy environment for a baby. And possibly would have changed our whole course and relationship. And that child may have been raised in a terribly unhealthy environment. As it worked out, the following years allowed my husband to get on top of his health, I actually was diagnosed with cancer 3 months after the abortion. I knew in my gut I couldn’t have that baby. We’d had two miscarriages prior to that one and one was the first month we were dating, abortion never crossed my mind with those. I think it was my intuition that KNEW we couldn’t have that baby. If I’d have told [him], he would have convinced me to have it as I’m not one for abortion generally speaking.”

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“That my ex raped me when I broke up with him. I think he has a suspicion that I was raped at some point cause sometimes I freak out a little when we are having sex and he’s been amazingly patient. But occasionally, he’ll bring up something about rape and watch my reactions and I think he wants me to tell him, but I honestly have no idea how to even have that conversation so I just never said anything.”

“My collection of sex toys. My husband isn’t into them that much, so keep them hidden.”

“That i have HIV (undetectable)”

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“My drug addiction.

You’d be surprised what you can sneak and hide when you’re addicted to drugs. I fessed up, told him everything, he supported me and helped me get/stay clean. Over 2 years now. He is an incredible man.”

“That I was sexually abused from a young age by a member of my family. I only ever told a close friend and when my feeling for her were not reciprocated out of spite, she told my husband hoping it would break us up. It did not, we cut all ties with this friend and my husband was quite upset that I didn’t trust him enough to tell him. So now, he has major issues with my family and refuses to acknowledge any of them.”

“I fu***d his dad,”

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“Was ganged raped in the past.”

“I know he is having a gay affair.”

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How about you? Do you have shocking secrets to tell?

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