8 Juicy Mother-in-Law Stories on Ask SAHM

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8 Juicy Mother-in-Law Stories on Ask SAHM

If you’ve been with us for some time now and love hanging out at Ask SAHM, then you definitely read some juicy stories about Mothers-in-law posted in there.

In fact, it’s one of the most popular topics!

Since we all have a mother-in-law story or two based on our MILs or one we heard from our friends, we sure can relate to these ladies who shared their MIL story on Ask SAHM. Don’t worry ladies. We feel you!

1. Awwkwaaaard

While having dinner with my inlaws for Father’s Day my mil started asking about our sex life. She proceeded to give me pointers about giving oral sex and different sexual positions. I felt extremely uncomfortable and she was even talking about her and fil sex life.

2. Rudeness: 10/10

About 4 years ago my mother in law bought a dress for my daughter. Tonight MIL called me and asked if she can have it back because she wants to give it to someone else.

Interesting Mother-In-Law Stories on Ask SAHM

3. I can’t even..

My in laws bought us old people’s ornament for the lounge room and hubby and I said thanks unfortunately doesn’t go with our decor and MIL was pissed off and called us ungrateful and left

4. Here’s a horror story

Four days before Christmas I’ve got a letter from my mil solicitor saying to pay her $50,000. Long story cut short, she did renovations to turn part of our home in a granny flat so she could live with us. Granny flat renos cost 20, 000. Then she brought my husband a vehicle costing 30000. After 6 months of her living with us we asked her to leave as she was drinking too much, being verbally abusive and leaving communal areas of the house unhygienic. She let her pets wee and poo on the floor and didn’t clean it for days. She had bowel movement accidents in the garage and her flat and left it for weeks. My husband offered to clean it and she yelled at him. My husband had a mental breakdown in the days before she left and has been on mess and seeing a counsellor since and is only just coping. We have little kids and get this letter 4 days before Christmas!

Interesting Mother-In-Law Stories on Ask SAHM

5. Such a nightmare

My mil is supposed to live 5 hours away but she is here every other weekend turning her nose up at my house and feeding my kids junk behind my back. Not overreacting she put coke in my 9-month-olds bottle! What!

6. It’s like a TV drama where the protagonist eventually learned to stand up for herself.

It was an arranged marriage and it took us more than couple of years to come close as a couple. My mother in law was interrogating my husband about our day-to-day life and encouraging him to not open up to me or share too much information, don’t plan to far ahead for anything your life, he doesn’t go anywhere, he likes to sit home on weekends. She basically restricted me to herself only and she used to disengage any possible friendships or acquaintances I could make. I had no clue what she was up to neither I had an eye to watch my back. Luckily, we moved 1000 miles away. So, DH started behaving like a husband and shared any orders given by my MIL. I became more aware of their tactics and started dealing with them in smarter ways which led a fume of hate against me among my in-laws.

Now, if we visit they make me feel like the most unwanted person. I know I was suppose to establish boundaries from day one but I was young, clueless, no women in my family cared to prepare me for possible inlaw’s jealousy and cattiness.

Interesting Mother-In-Law Stories on Ask SAHM


7. Such a pain!

6 months ago my husband gave my MIL one of our gate keys (even though I was against this) so that she could spend time with our dog until she could get a dog of her own. That was the deal. We would get the key back when she got herself a dog. She now has a new puppy and my husband asked for the key back. She pretended to forget and then last night she had the gate key and said “This is for ” and I was so happy! She then continued “I have made a copy for myself so that I can pick her up to spend the day with my puppy…I hope you don’t mind?” and I wanted to throw up my heart and/or strangle her to death.

8. I would have cut all ties after this.

I’m pregnant with our second child. We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that I may have to have a c-section because I have marginal placenta previa. So we were at my in laws last night and they asked how the scan went, so we told them about the possibility of needing a C section. MIL turned around and was like ‘oh so you may not even give birth at all!’

Interesting Mother-In-Law Stories on Ask SAHM

Were you able to relate to these mother-in-law stories?

If you have a juicy MIL story to tell, or have questions about cooking, parenting, health, and relationships – anything under the sun, really – head on to Ask SAHM and share it with us!
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