Today is Ask A Stupid Question Day!

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Today is Ask A Stupid Question Day!

Have you heard about Ask A Stupid Question Day?

There’s a day for all the questions you wanted to ask but couldn’t, for the fear that you might sound stupid. And that day is today, Ask A Stupid Question Day!


We’ve always been told that there’s no such thing as a stupid question but there’s always one (or several) that makes us think twice and hold back. This day is made for that. According to, Ask A Stupid Question Day was started by teachers in the 1980s to encourage children to ask questions without fearing that they will be laughed at. On that day, a student can ask a question that they were most scared to ask. After that, the annual tradition was celebrated by American schools and further adapted by other countries.

Ask A Stupid Question Day is observed on September 30 or on the last school day of September.

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Why is it important to ask questions?

1. To discover something new.

One solid example of questions we’re too afraid to ask is how some words are pronounced correctly. How about you just ask and find out? That’s gonna be a new discovery!

2. To collect ideas.

Doing a project or just starting out on a hobby? Or there’s a topic that you are not knowledgeable about? Asking questions will help you collect ideas from other people. You might learn a hack or two, too!

3. To remember things better.

One of the reasons teachers encourage children to ask more questions is that because it helps the brain remember. It is more likely to be engraved to our memory!

4. To clear out misunderstandings/misconceptions.

Have you ever asked a question that you thought you had a solid idea and then it turns out, what you currently know isn’t everything? Asking helps you see the bigger picture.

5. To sympathize/empathize.

Some questions might be too awkward to ask but it definitely helps you understand other people a lot better.

6. To help in your decision making

Red? or white?

Should I buy a brand new car or a secondhand one?

Chicken? or beef? or pork?

Asking helps us come to a better decision because people can help you decide and all these ideas will be considered helping you arrive to a wise decision.

Asking is so important and is soo amazing! Seriously let’s make it a norm!

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As kids need encouragement to ask, adults need a bit of push, too! And so make sure to celebrate Ask A Stupid Question Day every September 30th or better yet,  make it a habit of asking questions, no matter how stupid they seem! You might just learn something new.

Ask as soon as the idea pops into your head.

Write your questions down on a piece of paper and ask it when in conversation with family and friends.

Or you can head over to our new and improved Ask SAHM where you are free to ask anything.

Yes all the questions (that you think are stupid…which I’m sure they aren’t) in the world.. ANONYMOUSLY!

You can also help others by answering their questions and engage in a fun, informative and friendly conversation.

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Here are some of our most popular questions on Ask SAHM:

PS. Might not be safe for work!!!

Click on the question if you want to read more..

Can you use Nair cream on your anus?

Do you send your child to school on their birthday?

Weirdest thing you have used to masturbate?

Would you let your husband go to a strip club?

If your child kicks a ball over the fence, do the neighbours have to give it back?

Head over to ASK SAHM and celebrate Ask A Stupid Question Day!


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