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Gone are the days when you could give a child a ten cent piece and say, ‘go to the milk bar to get a bag of mixed lollies.’

Certainly when you talk about shopping, people are trying to trim their monthly budgets, and no matter what financial journey you find yourself on, it is possible to have good money sense so that you can enjoy a better financial journey. Sometimes all that is required is a step in the right direction – and it’s for this reason that people are stepping out and striding towards Costco retailers.

Costco happens to be a multi-billion dollar global retailer. Dedicated to exceptional quality at affordable prices, their warehouse club operations in 8 countries and they are known for their excellent business ethics. Costco is dedicated to bringing the cheapest possible prices and providing only quality, brand name merchandise.

When shopping, people want choices, and Costco provides an extensive selection of merchandise. Their focus is to provide shoppers with a pleasurable and worthwhile experience and to this end they offer specialty departments as well as exclusive member services. What stands out about Costco is that it defies the regular rules of retail, and it is definitely a no-frills operation with concrete flooring, huge skylights to provide natural lighting and merchandise stacked on industrial pallets.

4 Reasons Why We Love Shopping at Costco | Stay At Home Mum

Because we are huge Costco fans, we’re giving you 4 reasons why you need to shop at Costco.

1. The store’s philosophy

Opening in year 1976 under the Price Club name, it is hard to believe that the giant retailers started out in a converted aeroplane hangar on the Morena Boulevard, San Diego. At first the company only served small businesses, but discovered it could achieve so much more by trying to serve a selected group of the non-business members. This of course was the very growth spurt needed and in year 1983 the very first Costco warehouse site opened in Seattle.

There isn’t another company who has achieved what Costco managed to achieve in such a short space of time. In less than 6 years, Costco was the first business ever to have grown from zero to $3 billion in sales. As a matter of fact when Costco & Price Club merged in 1993, they had 206 locations generating annual sales of some $16 billion.

Costco has got a simple operating philosophy, and it’s ‘keep costs down & pass the savings on to members.’ With their extensive membership base and huge buying power, their efficiency has simply added up to being able to offer the least possible prices for members. The company resumed the name Costco in 1997 and has grown internationally with total sales exceeding $64 billion. Today, the company is still offering the same outstanding qualities that have helped to attract its millions of members from all corners of the globe.

via news.com.au
via news.com.au

2. Different memberships to suit

Of course Australia has benefited from having a Costco presence and in fact there are several around Australia with more in the pipeline. Why don’t you join up and see what all you can benefit from? For a reasonable fee you’ll get a membership card. There are various membership plans and we’ll look at their most expensive one and their cheapest one.

  • The Business Membership includes a free Household Card which is available to a Primary or Affiliate member’s spouse, domestic partner, or anyone over the age of 18.Their $55.00 Annual Business Membership is available to all licensed businesses, non-profit, organisations, government agencies, farmers and ranchers, members must provide details of their ABN.
  • With the Gold Star Membership, which includes a free Household Card, the $60.00 Annual Membership Fee enables members to buy products at member-only prices and have access to Costco Services.
  • Their Gift of Gold Star Membership for $60 is seen as a gift which opens up a world of savings on brand-name merchandise. One-year Gold Star gift memberships are available and can be renewed. A Costco membership is valid at more than 675 Costco locations worldwide and also online at Costco.com.

3. Save a fortune by buying in bulk

The beauty about Costco is that you get everything under one roof. You can take your pick from clothing, shoes and handbags, appliances, sports equipment, jewellery, furniture,  fresh vegetables, meat, groceries, products for pets, home improvement products, electronics, car products, health and beauty products, travel and outdoor products and much more.

What is nice is that when you are exhausted from shopping for so many bargain, you need to rest and you can always grab something to eat. Lots of the Costco have food courts outside, and if you’ve got cash on you, you can order whatever you like, and if the food court is inside you can use an old gift card to get in.

4. Affordability is the drawcard

There are so many excellent reasons to go to Costco, regardless of whether you have membership or not. One thing is for sure, if you take the time to investigate what Costco offers, you’ll discover that in this world of high prices, there is a place where you can still actually enjoy shopping because it offers affordability and quality as well as a great shopping experience.

Do you like shopping at Costco?

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