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When Breville said they were sending me an ice cream maker, my first thought was ‘ Here is ANOTHER fad machine that I’ll stick in my cupboard and will never ever use’.  My first impression of this machine is that it is HUGE – like microwave big.  And super heavy.  That’s as much bad stuff as I can say about this machine though because it is totally AWESOME. I’ve had it for a few months now and I use it all the time, especially now the warmer months are here.

The first recipe I tried was our  Home Made Ice Cream Recipe – I poured the cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk into the machine – and literally hit the GO button.  50 minutes later I had creamy and delicious ice cream.  It has a rotating paddle which makes the ice cream super smooth, and also have a funny looking spatula that helps you get the ice cream on the side scooped down into the metal bowl.

The machine isn’t one that needs to be kept in the freezer, which is great because I don’t have room in my freezer, I want to put the ingredients in the machine, turn it on and ice cream to appear soon after – and this machine does that.  It is super easy to use (I’ve never read the instruction book – no need – it’s simple) and the machine beeps when it is finished.

The thought of an ice cream cake would usually make me squirm, yet this machine made me think…no probs. So again I poured in the base 3 ingredients, added the crushed oreos then walked away! I did then make a second batch of plain vanilla ice cream, swirled the two together and put into a spring form tin. Froze it for a few hours just to be sure and “viola!” – Homemade cookies and cream ice cream cake that did not shed a bead of sweat! Nor does the house get all hot cooking a cake in the oven over summer!!

Now – to the best bit of all.  Forget ice cream.  This machine can make FROZEN COCKTAILS!  Yes you read that correctly. I don’t suppose Breville actively advertises the fact that their ice cream maker is the best cocktail maker under the sun – but it’s true.  I whipped the  machine out for our Christmas Party – and it was party central!


  • It is FAST – 50 minutes will make most ice creams – you can put it on during dinner and have ice cream ready for dessert!
  • Easy to clean, it only has a couple of removable parts and I put them in the dishwasher.
  • Makes THE BEST frozen Margaritas  in the whole world.  Perfect for a cocktail party!
  • Justine from MasterChef uses it on her TV show – and I love her.


  • It’s really heavy and bulky – not the type of appliance you would keep on your bench top – so have some room somewhere to store it.
  • Only makes about one litre of ice cream (or frozen Margaritas) at a time.  D’oh!

Stay at Home Mum was not paid for this review


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