Tasty, Stylish and Super Yummy: Break the Wine Rut with Naked WinesTasty, Stylish, Super Yummy Wines from Naked Wines that are delivered to your door!

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  • Tasty, Stylish and Super Yummy: Break the Wine Rut with Naked Wines

Do you want to be more adventurous?

Have a hankering for a new wine but don’t know what to get? Or where to get new wine creations from?

As a mum to three kids, a writer, and blogger I know life gets super busy, and lately, our whole world has been turned upside down by a global pandemic.

If you are like me and have been a shut-in for the last few months, splurging on a few things to make you happier is high up on the list.  And one item that has made it to the top of my must-purchase list is some great tasting wine.

Exploring new wines, winemakers, and tastes are exciting and give you a chance to experience a different drop of wine for a change. (Read on to find out how you can get a great deal for a case of wine…and don’t pay for delivery!)

Naked Wines helps you break the wine rut you are in…yes this is a real thing.

You go to a shop to get a new bottle of wine, you walk around aimlessly and wonder what would taste good, what will go well with the food you are cooking or for the dinner party your hosting…then you give up and pick a known wine you have had for years just because you know it is good and you like it.

What Makes Naked Wines Different?

Naked Wines supports independent winemakers and invests in their business to allow them to create some unique and amazing wines.

The wines that the Winemakers produce is sold only through the Naked Wines Website, so you will not see these wines sold at the local bottle-o.

Naked Wines is helping the wine industry create great products and gives the public access to these new creations at good prices and all with speedy home delivery.

Try a new wine from a different winemaker

I know I do this, but I like a certain wine from a winemaker and stick to that brand.  I need to expose myself to difference and explore my wine world more, even if it is all from the comfort of my living room!

Do you have a favourite winemaker? Have you decided to branch out and try something new for a change? If so, Naked Wines is the perfect place to explore new wines from new winemakers as well.

If you are unsure of what wine to pick Naked Wine can help with the super awesome Wine Genie, simply fill out what tickles your fancy and Wine Genie will give you some great choices.

Change is as good as a holiday

I love wine and in fact, a glass of goodness after a stressful day can be an amazing relaxer. However, if you are bombarded with choice and unsure what to pick then you might just fall back to the brands that you know and like. This can make you bored about your wine choices and who wants to sit back at night put your feet up after a long day and be all meh about what’s waiting in the top cupboard…NOT ME!!!

Naked Wines can fix this boredom of choice with some new creations from amazingly highly skilled winemakers. 

The wines that you see online at Naked Wines are made just for them and no one else.. this ensures you get a unique drop that not a lot people have, spesh right??

Great gift ideas

Impress your visitors and family with a bottle of wine they cannot pick up in-store.

Also, a nice bottle of wine is a great gift to thank your kid’s teacher for all their hard work this year…..if you are like me you have a newfound respect for teachers, then no gift should be off-limits.

Make an impression at your next dinner party

Be the hostess with the mostest and have an array of new never before seen wines ready to go that will match all your divine food. Yes, you are this person that everyone will be envious of and ask, “Where did you buy this delish tasting bottle of Pinot Grigio”

Naked wines have more than opened my mind and palate to what is available in Australia and New Zealand, I now like to think of myself as the resident “Wine Connoisseur”. Self-appointed of course but nonetheless fancy shmancy, right??

I can’t tell you how many times I have attended a friends dinner party and been offered and a glass of wine that to be honest I just didn’t like. Being a gracious guest I often just raise a glass, cheers and let out a ‘MMMMMMMM that’s lovely’. Not any more though…I am letting everybody in on the Naked Wines goodness!

What’s more is Naked Wines have some great advice about food and wine, so make sure to check this out before your next shindig with friends.

Naked Wines has a Fabulous deal for the aweSAHM Stay at Home Mum audience!!!

Order a case of wine for $79.99 – delivery included

Craft Beers, Boutique Ciders & Spirits Available at Naked Wines

If you would like something other than wine then Naked Wines has you covered.

I for one love a good gin and tonic after a long working week or to celebrate something exciting, so it makes me super happy to be able to get some good quality gin while shopping for wine too.

Pale Ale, Lager Beer, Apple Cider and Gin is also available at Naked Wines…WINNING!

Become a Naked Wine Angel to Unlock Great Deals 

If you ever wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel but missed the boat, then being a Naked Wine Angel is the next best thing.

So what is it about Angel Membership that is so good?

  • Pay $40/month to put into your Naked Wines Piggy Bank
  • You can use your $40 for any wine/products you like
  • Get access to the best wines in the world
  • Save up to 50% off the retail price – talk about a great deal for The Angels
  • Support winemakers directly to create amazing products and have your say on their products


Naked Wines Has a No Fuss Refund Policy

If your order is damaged, broken or the wine is corked, or if the wine simply does not hit the sweet spot, you can get a no-fuss refund.

Note: If you have more than one bottle of wine you don’t like or want, don’t open them, Naked Wines will pick up and collect them.

Rest assured that if you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason you can get a full refund.

However, I’m sure you will love the customer service, the range of what Naked Wines offers and the fact that wine just gets delivered to your door for your convenience –  it’s just so easy and helpful for super busy peeps like me.

Click the link and head over to Naked Wines to pick out your next yummy bottle of God’s Nectar!!!

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