Buying Fresh Meat and Fish

Do you spend a lot of money on meat and seafood at the supermarket? You are not the only one. But all shops don’t have the same quality of meat or seafood for the money that you pay. You may be better off if you visit your local butcher or seafood market.

Groceries are not cheap, especially when buying meat or fish. So, when you invest your hard earned money on your favourite steak or fillet, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Sometimes, mass produced cuts are not up to par; you may be paying for more waste than you think.

Let’s start with a few basic money saving ideas to keep in mind when you purchase your meat and fish for the family.

Visit a Butcher Shop

When it comes to just the right kind of meat and the perfect cut, the butcher knows. You will be much happier bringing home a finely trimmed beef roast than a roast that is covered in fat with a large bone in it. You are paying for the weight of that waste. Why not let the butcher get rid of that for you so you don’t pay for it. You can also trust the butcher to provide you with the best quality. Personal service means a lot when you want to save money but still have a good roast.

Visit a Seafood Market

Quality and quantity is important. At a store that sells only seafood, you can get a better deal on buying larger quantities. If you have questions about the different types of fish or seafood, you’ve got the right people to ask. These people are knowledgeable and glad to share what they know with you.

Buy in bulk

When you get a good deal, make the most of it. Stocking up on meat is a great idea. Use heavy duty ziplock bags with tight seals to store your meat. Be sure to date the outside of the package with a permanent market so you know how long you have had it. Don’t trust your memory; you are bound to run into a mystery package if you do.

Invest in a Chest Freezer or Upright Freezer 

You will need somewhere to put all that food. The freezer in the refrigerator is not the best place for long term storage of frozen meat or seafood. Constantly opening and closing the door for routine items, plus the frost-free fan are two things that cause freezer burn and ice crystals to form fast.

Now, there are two some things to remember when you enter the butcher shop or fish market:

Start with the biggest piece

You can purchase a large section or a whole piece, like a side of beef or whole fish, at a cost savings and have it cut up for you. If you don’t know much about meat, ask the butcher for suggestions. If you’re not sure if salmon fillets are better than salmon steaks, ask. If you compare unit pricing, you will save money on the larger piece rather than purchasing what has already been cut and packaged in a store.

Ask how much to buy and freeze

You don’t want to buy too much and have it get freezer burned before you can possibly eat it all up. You may want to keep a standing order once you figure out your family’s needs. This way you can have what you want for holidays and all your meals without running to the grocery store.

By purchasing meat and seafood in butcher shops and seafood markets you can actually come out better than buying it already packaged in a regular grocery store. This is one thing that is perceived as a luxury, but isn’t. Visit your local speciality meat or seafood store and save money.


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