6 Most Comfortable Maternity Wear Pieces You Can Enjoy During Your Pregnancy

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6 Most Comfortable Maternity Wear You Can Enjoy During Your Pregnancy.


Pregnant and struggling to get comfortable with the upcoming summer heat? Well, we have you sorted with the 6 most comfortable maternity wear!

If you are pregnant, the summer can be uncomfortable! While we should all be thankful to be growing new life and celebrating being pregnant, it isn’t always easy. The long nights tossing and turning, the inevitable “waddle” and if you drop something, forget about it! There is nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky, heavily pregnant and exhausted. Don’t worry, we understand completely! Comfortable maternity clothing is a must in summer, especially free-flowing, stretchy and functional!

Maternity Wear that is comfortable, trendy and reasonably priced can be few and far between. Make yourself feel better with these 6 comfortable maternity wear for the summer ahead.


2 in 1 Maternity & Nursing Singlet Dress

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This 2 in 1 dress will last you throughout your pregnancy as well as your breastfeeding journey! It doubles as a stylish, flowing dress with a nursing singlet underneath enabling you to discreetly feed your baby! Black is such a neutral colour, so style yourself with a nice undershirt, jewellery and accessories!

RRP: $79.95

Sia Maxi Maternity Dress 

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This classic dress can be dressed up or down! It’s made from a light material that’s ideal for summer. It’s such a versatile maternity dress that you can keep it as a staple post baby too! You will feel comfortable in this dress, guarenteed! It only comes in black with sizes from XS to XXL.

RRP: $139.95

Alice Denim Maternity Overalls 

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Popular on many pregnancy forums and FB groups, these maternity overalls are known to be long-lasting, comfortable and trendy! Wear them during your pregnancy and post-baby. Perfect if you need something practical to wear during your pregnancy that doesn’t make you feel awkward. They have 5 pockets and an extra row of buttons designed to adjust throughout your pregnancy. The denim has 2% spandex so they have a “stretchy” feel to them.

RRP: $159.95

Maternity Bamboo Cotton Shorts

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These bamboo cotton maternity shorts are perfect for long summer days! The waist band on these shorts is designed to provide back support as well as being stretchy and comfy! The elastic tie along the band is perfect that as your bump continues to change shape, the belly support won’t suddenly loosen.

RRP: $29.95

Ruffle Maternity & Nursing Dress

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This beautiful dress is designed that the waistband sits over the top of your bump. It’s such a cute pattern, that you can wear it for any event, work or even at home! You can also wear it while you are nursing your babe also, with an underlay designed that you can unbutton and pull up to breastfeed.

RRP: $84.85


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If flowing dresses aren’t your thing, these Sage Overbelly Maternity Leggings might be for you! If you are an active mumma to be or just want something comfy while you set up your nursery, these leggings are perfect! They are designed with a particular type of lycra that makes them even more comfortable and long lasting! These leggings come in a size ranging form XS to XXL in both grey and black.

RRP: $89.95

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Most Comfortable Maternity Wear available. All the best with your new baby 🙂


6 Most Comfortable Maternity Wear Pieces You Can Enjoy During Your Pregnancy | Stay at Home Mum

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