The Best Online Stores to Find Womens Work AttireNeed clothing for work? We show you where to find the best places!

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The Best Online Stores to Find Womens Work Attire

If you don’t have a work uniform, finding appropriate work attire to wear can be a real bitch.  You want to look neat and tidy, have appropriate clothing for your job, and still look hot.  Whether you work in a Solicitors firm or a casual office, we find the best places to find classic pieces for all budgets that look great on all ages, shapes and sizes.

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Cue has beautifully made pieces that are modern and edgy. I simply adore Cue Clothing – however, I wish they didn’t use the stick-thin ultra-young models in their advertising campaigns…. very off-putting for an old duck like me that loves their lines but am intimidated by the ‘You can only wear Cue if you are young and skinny’…. I think the brand should really think more about their target market… but that is my two cents worth. I wish Review and Cue would have a love child because I would so shop there!!!!!

Suitable For: The young and trendy up and coming executive or the girl that wants quality pieces.

Not suitable for: Those that can’t pull off the modern striking look or can’t wear bold patterns and styles.

cue fashion | Stay at Home Mum

Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine has gorgeous classic pieces that will last forever.  They are modern and contemporary, with a little swirl of girly thrown in.

Suitable for:  All ages that can afford the classic pieces

Not Suitable for: Those that are on a budget.

veronika maine | Stay at Home Mum


Jacqui E

Jacqui E has a huge range of fashion that is perfect for the office. Although I used to associate this brand with little old ladies, they have really changed that up in the last few years and have some super cute dresses in bright beautiful colours.  Their pieces are certainly not as high quality as Cue or Veronika Maine, but then they are more affordable.

Suitable for: The day to day office worker that needs to look professional.

Not Suitable for: The fashionista or girls who have a bit of an off-the-centre shape.

jacqui e | Stay at Home Mum


Boden Clothing

Boden Clothing is a UK brand that has only entered the Australian market in the last year or so.  They have classic, bright and bold coloured pieces with a bit of a retro feel – but without all the ‘girliness’ of brands like Review.  The clothing is beautifully made and won’t ever date.

Suitable for: All ages that love bright and bold colours.

Not suitable for: Ladies that prefer to wear black.

Boden Clothing Australia | Stay at Home Mum


Birdsnest has a collection of fashion for older women with classic styling.  The best part about Birdsnest is that they have styled outfit inspirations – so if you suck at putting together outfits (yep) – then you can input your size, shape and preferences, and it will put together a huge list of outfits that will suit.

Suitable for: Over 30’s who want classic and comfortable fashion.

Not Suitable for: Under 25’s on a budget

Birdsnest Fashion | Stay at Home Mum

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