100+ Gift Ideas for Mum for ChristmasMum hard to buy for? Here are over 100 ideas for every type of Mum!

Need some thoughtful gift ideas for Mum for all budgets?  Whether it is for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Mum’s birthday or just to say ‘you’re special’, here are our suggestions for all price ranges in mind.

Christmas is one of the biggest Gift Giving days of the year for that special lady in our lives that wiped our butt and boogers, and still rings to check and see if we are okay, even though we are now all grown up.  That lady, she is special.  She is always there for us.  But Mum’s can also be notoriously hard to buy for.  My Mum isn’t really into anything which makes her really hard to shop for, I usually end up getting her flowers and earrings every year which is a bit snoozefest.

Not this year, I’m going to shop around.  She has had a big year, and I want to thank her for all the times she picked up my kids from school or did my food shopping because I just didn’t have time. Thanks Mum.

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I’ve sorted the gift guide into different categories:

Traditional Style Gifts for Mum:

Buy Mum some beautiful new linen from Bedloves

Bedloves has some great 100% pure flax linen bed sheets and doona covers at reasonable prices if you want to give your mum some understated luxury in the bedroom. These sheets are environmentally and socially sustainable (GOTS) and come with size labels in the bottom right-hand corner and a labeled storage bag so you will never lose a sheet in that linen closet again!

Bedloves | Stay at Home Mum

Fluffy Dressing Gown and Slippers

A New Coffee Machine – This Sunbeam Cafe Barista is only $189.00 from Kogan

Sunbeam Café Barista Espresso Machine (EM5000)

The Once a Month Cookbook – the best cookbook in the world!

Organise a Cleaner to come and make Mum’s house look AMAZING!

A good pair of Ugg Boots

A beautiful piece of jewelry she will love! We love Eliise Maar!

Silk or Satin Pyjamas – we love these Flamingo Women’s Pyjamas

Book by her favourite Author


Idea: What about a Life Assistant for the Busy Mum!

Give someone the gift of time this Christmas. What better way to show someone how much you care than by getting them time with their very own Life Assistant. Whatever they need, a gift voucher for a little extra help will go a long way to easing the mental load.

100 Gifts for Mum | Stay at Home Mum



A Bunch of flowers (hand-picked is even cheaper!)

  • ‘Elegant Mum’ from Petals Network $79.95

A voucher for new underwear

A set of Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Buy Mum a Designer Nappy Bag from Nappybags.com

Anything from Kikki K’s Mothers Day Gift Shop

A new handbag or purse

A new Robotic Vacuum (your Mum will THANK you!) Our pick is the iRobot!

A picture frame with a picture of the children

Sewing Machine (grab a good deal from Spotlight)

A subscription to her favorite magazine

A bottle of Scotch or whatever plonk she might drink.

Personalised mug or calendar

Box of chocolate

A Wine Glass Bottle (we love this one from Yellow Octopus)

A Soda Stream Machine

A new coffee mug filled with chocolates

A fancy teacup and teapot

Emjoi Epilator (hair removal device)

Foot spa

A new picnic basket

Bottle of win

Chore vouchers

Fluffy socks

A Snuggie

A Hair Treatment at the hairdresser

A New diary

Fountain pen set and calligraphy classes

Free but Thoughtful Gifts for Mum:

Clean the house for Mum

Painted Hand-prints of the kids in a frame

A framed poem or the words ‘Mummy” written by your little ones

Go to a country market

Historical Walk through a small town

Cemetery walk or ghost tour

Organise a Progressive Dinner with the family.

Have a Board Game Marathon

Organise a fancy Breakfast in Bed

Watch her favourite movie without complaining (supply popcorn and a foot rub)

Salt Dough Gifts from the Kids

Give the Gift of Cookies in a Jar

Cookie in a Jar is a great inexpensive gift idea for Mum!


Things to Do Type Gifts for Mum:


Gift Ideas for the Active and Outdoorsy Mum:

Autumn Girl enjoying nature on the field. Beauty Girl Outdoors r

Gift Ideas for the Book Loving Mum:

What is Your Dream Career | Stay At Home Mum


Gifts Ideas for the Online Shopping Crazy Mum:

Online Shopping | Stay At Home Mum

  • Subscription to shopping sites such as Ozsale, membership means you get great deals all year round (I’m a tad addicted…)

  • Book her a seat on a Warehouse Outlet Shopping Day

  • Purchase Gift Cards to her favourite shops

  • Take her to shopping expos with her favourite items, clothes, make-up ect

  • Take her to try out op shopping or vice versa, go to the best designer shops around

  • Grab Mum an online voucher.  Here are some great ideas:

Gift Ideas for the Mum that Likes to Travel:

  • A new set of luggage

  • A pair of silence headphones for the plane.

  • A Crossbody Handbag

  • Packing Cubes

  • Hiking Boots or Good Walking Shoes

  • Compression Socks

  • Deposit on the Holiday of a Lifetime


Gift Ideas for the Foodie Mum:


Gift Ideas for the Fashionista Mum:

Fashionable modern mother on a city street with a pram. Young mo

Some shops that you can buy online or just get her a voucher so she can choose her own!


  • The Iconic has a great range, a little on the pricey side, but good if you are off somewhere special.

  • Have your Mum Design and Make her own shoes!

  • Atomic Cherry has loads of Rockabilly fashion – just beautiful – I buy most of clothing there!

  • Crossroads is a discount women’s clothing shop but they now sell online.

  • Cotton On Clothing have an online store and if you sign up you get an additional 30% off! Great basic pieces.

  • Ebay isn’t just for second-hand clothing – there are loads of great new clothing stores!

  • Sussan has a clearance section online!  Great for pj’s and women’s basics.

  • Target also has an online clearance section!  I get a tad excited when I see ‘clearance’ on any website!

  • Asos are US based but ship great pieces to Australia for very little.  They have a great range of maternity dresses too!

  • Zodee are great for swimwear and underwear, not always the cheapest but their sales are terrific.

  • Birdsnest comes highly recommend by our Facebook followers.

  • ModCloth is a US site but ships worldwide.  Great little dresses and outfits – and they have a terrific review section.  Highly recommend!

  • Stop Staring is very glamorous and has some beautiful cocktail dresses fit for any occasion.

  • Pin Up Boutique has both cocktail and day to day wear.

  • Heartbreaker Fashion has some divine dresses.

Gift Ideas for the Arty or Crafty Mum:


Gift Ideas for the Tech and Computer Savvy Mum:

Tile Dongle that will find your keys – from Amazon
  • Touch Screen Monitor

  • Coloured Wireless Mouse

  • Laptop Pillow (with fan)

  • Star Wars USB

  • Hard Drive to keep all the latest TV shows

  • Subscription for Pay TV

  • New Mobile Phone

Gift Ideas for the Fit and Healthy Mum:


The Home Body Mum:

Beauty and Pampering Ideas:


Gift Ideas for the Mum that is hard to buy for.summer holidays, family, children and people concept - happy mot

These are 100 Gifts Ideas for Mum – do you have any to add???  

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