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12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband

Are you stuck with gift ideas for your husband for Valentine’s Day? It can be hard to find romantic and sentimental gifts for Valentine’s Day that aren’t too corny. Who knows, maybe one of these gift recommendations will bring out the softer side in your husband?

Keep the spark alive in your relationship, with our 12 recommendations of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your hubby.

Personalised Star Map 

Price: $24.35

This is such a beautiful romantic gift! Pick the date, time and location of somewhere that is significant to you both and the exact star map will be created. These images are actually made with professional astronomy software and any time, date and location is possible! Pick when you first met, your first kiss or the day you got married? It’s such a special gift that will definitely have special meaning. Read More >

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Engraved Handmade Leather Bracelet 

Price: $109.18

These handmade engraved bracelets are so unique and original. Select a quote that has meaning to your partner, or to both of you as a couple and have it engraved on sterling silver. You can have up to 85 letters engraved and even symbols like stars, hearts and the infinity symbol. There are no two brackets the same, making it even more special! Read More >

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A Personalised Neon Sign

Show your love for your man with a neon sign that says exactly how you feel.

Wanna know where you can have a personalised neon sign made? Check out Sculpt Neon Signs!

Personalised Location Print 

Price: $35.54

This is another really cute personalised print. Select locations that are significant in terms of milestones of your relationship like where you met, where you kissed, where you got married etc. Each of these prints are handmade. They are printed on high quality posters that are perfect for framing and lasting a lifetime. Read More >

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Customisable Soundwave Art

Price: $6.56

This is a really easy and cheap gift for valentines day! But it is still romantic and thoughtful! It’s a sound wave printable of whatever quote you would like. It could be as simple as “I Love You”. There are a variety of styles and colours to choose from, and once you’ve got your printable just pop it in a nice frame and it makes for a lovely romantic valentines day present! Read More > 

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Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Price: $98.00

Do you and your partner spend a fair bit of time apart? This is one way to feel a bit closer to your partner without actually being next to them. Every-time either of your partner touches their bracelet you will feel it. Doesn’t matter where in the world they are! These bracelets have a 4 day long battery life and you can even customise is the colour that will light up on your partners bracelet when you want to send a touch. It’s such a lovely gift, and one that will show that you are both thinking of each other. Read More >

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Personalised Couple Print 

Price: $35.44

If you need a last minute valentines day present, these personalised prints can only take 24 hours to be created. There are hundreds of design options to create the perfect portrait that represents you both. You can include any quote or text that you like. Read More >

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Vintage Brown Leather Watch

Price: $149.00

Jewellery is always a classic valentines day gift! This Vintage Brown Leather Watch by Oozoo is classy and fashionable. These watches are imported from the Netherlands! Ooo fancy! It’s a great watch that can be worn as an everyday watch or just for special occasions. Read More >

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10 Reasons Why I Love You Custom Box with Wooden Hearts 

Price: $27.10

If your partner has a soft spot for all things romantic, then this custom box with wooden hearts is amazing! You can customise each love heart with reasons why you love your partner. The box can also be personalised with your partners name as well. If 10 reason’s isn’t enough, you can order as many extra hearts as you want! Read More > 

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Wallet Insert Card

Price: $14.99

These stainless steel wallet inserts make for a thoughtful valentines day present. Since they are made of stainless steel, they will last ages and won’t bend. So whenever your partner opens up their wallet, they can pull this out and be reminded of you. There is a variety of quotes to choose from as well! Read More >

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If I lose you, I am lost Wax Seal Jewellery 

Price: $93.97

This piece of jewellery is absolutely stunning! It features a sailboat being tossed in the waves. The text surrounding it translates from French to “If I Lose You, I Am Lost”. It’s made with sterling silver and has a “wax seal” look to it. This necklace has such specific and romantic meaning, it would be a great gift. Read More >

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Nautical Brass Sundial

Price: $54.99

For something a bit different! This is a good one if they love anything nautical related. It has a brass finish with top of the range magnets included in the compass. It also looks really fancy in its felt lined case. Read More >

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Custom Key Ring 

Price: $23.00

Another nice gift that wherever they go, whenever they see it, they can think of you. Customise it with whatever message you would like. They are hand-stamped and you can select 7 words per tag. Read More >

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12 Best Romantic Valentine Day Gifts for your Husband | Stay at Home Mum

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