15 Bizarre Vagina-Themed Products You Can Buy on EtsyDon't you just love vaginas?

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Whether you have one or not, vaginas are something to celebrate!

Why? Well, for starters, out of all the parts of a woman’s body, it’s only the vagina that can push a human being the size of a giant watermelon out of it! And most believe it’s the sexiest and most beautiful part of a woman’s body (don’t we all agree to that?)

So, it’s just right to celebrate our vaginas, vulvas, vajayjays, lady bits, hoo-hah, nether regions, or whatever you want to call it!

If you’re up for it, or you know someone who might love owning vagina-themed things, we’ve found some pretty amazing vagina-themed products that will surely excite!

1. A Knitted Vagina Thong

…complete with a little pearl clitoris. Awwwwww how darling!

Available from KnittingAndDesign – $22.32

via etsy.com

2. Vagina Earrings

**SHUDDER** I don’t know who in their right mind would buy such a thing, the vagina is hardly attractive enough to memorialise and wear in on one’s lobes…

Available from Almorraitovich – $9.80

via etsy.com

3. A LGBT Rainbow Merkin

Surprise your partner and spice up your sex life with this high-quality LGBT Rainbow Merkin. Show your pride by wearing rainbow!

Available from MerkinBoutique – $34.86

via etsy.com

4. The Big Colouring Book of Vaginas

Just don’t mix this number with the kids colouring books…..

Available from Etsy for $16.93

The Big Colouring Book of Vaginas | Stay at Home Mum


5. Uterus Cookie Cutter

C’mon kids, let’s make Womb Biscuits!

Available from Bakerlogy – $14.12

via etsy.com

7. The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas

Definitely not a children’s book, this Big Coloring Book of Vaginas has unique and beautifully illustrated vagina fun puzzles and games every adult will love!

Available from BigBookAltPress – $16.67

via etsy.com

8. A Vagina Neck Tie

Nothing says ‘Klassy’ like wearing a Vagina Themed Neck Tie to your local dance.

Grab it from Etsy for $56.85

Vagina Neck Tie | Stay at Home Mum

9. A Vulva-Printed Earthenware Mug

…and more vaginas in the morning!

Available from BeckyBygone – $15.58

via etsy.com

10. Vagina Slippers

Buy them for Grandma, she will never know!

Available from KnittingAndDesign – $48.82

via etsy.com

11. Vagina Brooch

Wear this felted “curly vagina” brooch proud and loud!

Available from Woolloom – $46.03

via etsy.com

12. A ‘Vaginament’ – A Vagina Christmas Tree Ornament

What to buy the person that has everything, a vaginament! Available in loads of different colours and styles, just like the real thing!

Available from Feltmelons – $30.69

via etsy.com

13. A Crocheted Plush Uterus

A cute way to represent the reproductive health system complete with fallopian tubes and ovaries. I’m sure the kids will just LOVE their new plush toy!

Available from AnOptimisticCynic – $63.47

via etsy.com

14. Felt Vagina Ring Holder

Your rings will always be in good vagina…err…hands.

Available from Woolloom – $53.01

via etsy.com

15. Vagina Lollies

Give some lovin’ for these handmade white chocolate vagina lollies!

Available from TheRudeCrafter – $8.25

via etsy.com

Do you fancy these vagina-themed products?

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