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15 Bizarre Vagina-Themed Products You Can Buy on EtsyDon't you just love vaginas?

Whether you have one or not, vaginas are something to celebrate!

Why? Well, for starters, out of all the parts of a woman’s body, it’s only the vagina that can push a human being the size of a giant watermelon out of it! And most believe it’s the sexiest and most beautiful part of a woman’s body (don’t we all agree to that?)

So, it’s just right to celebrate our vaginas, vulvas, vajayjays, lady bits, hoo-hah, nether regions, or whatever you want to call it!

If you’re up for it, or you know someone who might love owning vagina-themed things, we’ve found some pretty amazing vagina-themed products that will surely excite!

1. A Knitted Vagina Thong

…complete with a little pearl clitoris. Awwwwww how darling!

Available from KnittingAndDesign – $22.32

via etsy.com

2. Vagina Earrings

**SHUDDER** I don’t know who in their right mind would buy such a thing, the vagina is hardly attractive enough to memorialise and wear in on one’s lobes…

Available from Almorraitovich – $9.80

via etsy.com

3. A LGBT Rainbow Merkin

Surprise your partner and spice up your sex life with this high-quality LGBT Rainbow Merkin. Show your pride by wearing rainbow!

Available from MerkinBoutique – $34.86

via etsy.com

4. The Big Colouring Book of Vaginas

Just don’t mix this number with the kids colouring books…..

Available from Etsy for $16.93

The Big Colouring Book of Vaginas | Stay at Home Mum


5. Uterus Cookie Cutter

C’mon kids, let’s make Womb Biscuits!

Available from Bakerlogy – $14.12

via etsy.com

7. The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas

Definitely not a children’s book, this Big Coloring Book of Vaginas has unique and beautifully illustrated vagina fun puzzles and games every adult will love!

Available from BigBookAltPress – $16.67

via etsy.com

8. A Vagina Neck Tie

Nothing says ‘Klassy’ like wearing a Vagina Themed Neck Tie to your local dance.

Grab it from Etsy for $56.85

Vagina Neck Tie | Stay at Home Mum

9. A Vulva-Printed Earthenware Mug

…and more vaginas in the morning!

Available from BeckyBygone – $15.58

via etsy.com

10. Vagina Slippers

Buy them for Grandma, she will never know!

Available from KnittingAndDesign – $48.82

via etsy.com

11. Vagina Brooch

Wear this felted “curly vagina” brooch proud and loud!

Available from Woolloom – $46.03

via etsy.com

12. A ‘Vaginament’ – A Vagina Christmas Tree Ornament

What to buy the person that has everything, a vaginament! Available in loads of different colours and styles, just like the real thing!

Available from Feltmelons – $30.69

via etsy.com

13. A Crocheted Plush Uterus

A cute way to represent the reproductive health system complete with fallopian tubes and ovaries. I’m sure the kids will just LOVE their new plush toy!

Available from AnOptimisticCynic – $63.47

via etsy.com

14. Felt Vagina Ring Holder

Your rings will always be in good vagina…err…hands.

Available from Woolloom – $53.01

via etsy.com

15. Vagina Lollies

Give some lovin’ for these handmade white chocolate vagina lollies!

Available from TheRudeCrafter – $8.25

via etsy.com

Do you fancy these vagina-themed products?

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