21 Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

21 Gift Ideas for Groomsmen. Don’t forget to spoil your right hand men on your wedding day!

Stuck for ideas of what to gift to say thank you to your groomsmen on your wedding day? After something a little bit different but also budget-friendly? We have been hunting and have found 25 Unique Gift Ideas for Groomsmen!

Groomsmen Gifts, remember why your gifting?

It’s important before selecting a gift to consider why you are gifting. This “why” gives you understanding of the significance of the gift you’re giving. Apart of a gift to the groomsmen being traditional it says thank you for their efforts in supporting the wedding planning, supporting you the groom. It also considers the costs they incurred in their time (e.g. taking time off work), their expenses and their energy invested. It can also be a tribute to the relationship between groom and each groomsmen.

How to to spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

As a quick guide and general rule is the value of the groomsmen gift sit around 10 – 25% of how much expenses the groomsmen have been out of pocket for. However being budget conscious and realistic that even 10% can add up and that an overfunded groomsman can rack up expenses that you couldn’t afford yourself, this rule might have to be lowered somewhat. Good news is these days there are plenty of gifts you can give that don’t have to cost the earth to have impact. Many of the gifts below are very budget friendly and make the most of personalisation, which can be more important to the groomsmen than the his perceived dollar value. 

The idea of the below gifts listed, is that they can be combined to toward a total budget. For example you might pair a personalised Watch, Whisky Set and Socks together. This bringing up the total budget / groomsmen but also giving them variety in the gifts. The Personalised Watch and Socks can be on show at the reception and discussed by groomsmen with guests, and the Whisky set is something just for them to use at home.

Custom Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are great keepsakes for your groomsmen. Especially if they’re made in high-quality leather jacket that’s designed to be durable and will last them a long time!

Gift Ideas for Groomsmen Under $20

Personalized Socks 

Price: $8.75

These personalized socks are great, you can personalize color, position, name & date to suit your taste. Even if you want to do something a bit different, you can! They are budget-friendly too! Read More > 

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Personalized Walnut Wooden Glasses

Price: $16.73

This gift would also make a great addition for when you have your wedding photos! The personalized walnut wood glasses are high quality and lightweight. You can also select the option to have the sunglasses come in a bamboo box. The personalized engraved is done on both sides of the glasses. Read More > 

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Personalised Wood Bottle Opener 

Price: $14.50

These wooden bottle openers will surely come in handy at the reception not to mention at home (probably next to BBQ) and will give the Groomsmen a reminder of the wedding. They are laser-engraved and made with good quality wood and metal. You have the choice of over 14 different fonts to engrave with. They can also be made with certain logos if you would like! Read More > 

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Custom Whiskey/Scotch Glass 

Price: $17.00 

These scotch glasses are laser engraved and you can customize them to any text or design that you like! Perfect for a drink or two as you get ready! You can also choose to have two different designs on one glass if you wish to! They also offer discounts for bulk orders! Sweet! Read More > 

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Personalized Cufflinks 

Price: $18.62 

These cufflinks are a nice touch for a groomsmen gift! They are made with 100% glass cabochons, so they are made to be long lasting and reduce the amount of wear and tear. Each set comes in a white gift box. Read More > 

Mustache Socks

Price: $12.95

Who doesn’t love fun socks? These mustache socks are a fun, simple groomsmen gift that can be worn not just on the wedding day! These socks come in sizes ranging from size 7 to a size 12. Read More > 

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Engraved Can Coolers 

Price: $7.97

Keep the beers cool on the wedding day with these personalized can coolers! Each cooler is engraved with laser and you have a variety of colors to choose from! Read More > 

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Groomsmen Boxer Briefs 

Price: $18.62

If your groomsmen love a good laugh, get them these boxer briefs! They’ll make for a good photo on the wedding day! Select from the groom, groomsmen, and best man captions. These briefs coming in sizes small to XXXL. Read More > 

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Gift Ideas for Groomsmen Under $50

Personalized Cufflinks, Tie Clip & Money Clip Set 

Price: $39.89

These gift sets are a real score for the price! This set includes cufflinks, tie clips, and money clips all personalized! You can select from gold plated or stainless steel. Such a classy set perfect for the wedding day! Read More > 

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Personalized Beer Gift Box 

Price: $41.19

Gift your groomsmen with their favourite beers in this stylish wooden personalized gift box. Each gift box holds 4 beers. There are a ton of different designs to choose from. It makes for a really nice keepsake in memory of your wedding day! Read More >

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Vinyl Whiskey Glass 

Price: $30.00

Customise these whiskey glasses with whatever designs you would like! There a ton of great reviews on these vinyl whiskey glasses! That has to be a good sign, right? Read More >

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Personalized Leather Watch

Price: $26.60

These classy and stylish leather watches come in a personalised wooden box, perfect for your wedding day! The groomsmen will sure look snazzy in these! Read More >

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Personalized Toiletry Bag 

Price: $46.69

Gift these monogrammed personalized toiletry bags to your groomsmen on your wedding day. Even fill it with some nice beard oil and other goodies, and it’ll be essential for the big day. Read More > 

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Personalized Beer Mug 

Price: $28.73

These mugs are a bit different, but still awesome! These mugs are made from oak with a big comfortable handle with a decorative thread. Read More >

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Personalized Money Clip 

Price: $29.60

These money clips are ideal for a night out! It saves a wallet full of cards from getting ruined in your back pocket, these money clips will hold a card and a few notes. Read More >

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Personalized Groomsmen Suspenders

Price: $26.60

These personalized suspenders are made with high-quality elastic nylon, they are comfortable and easy to wear. You can either gift them with or without a personalized touch. Read More > 

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Gift Ideas for Groomsmen Under $100

Groomsmen Flasks 

Price: $51.86

This gift is fun and unique! Just send a couple of photos of each of your groomsmen, and these awesome flasks will be produced! Bound to cause a laugh or two! Read More > 

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Personalized Cooler Bag

Price: $57.45

Keep your groomsmen beers cool with these personalized cool bags! They make a great gift! It’s fully lined with waterproof insulation and will keep your groomsmen sorted for drinks as you get ready for your big day! Read More >

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Personalized Beer Opener

Price: $57.99

Every groomsman deserves an awesome thank-you gift! These beer openers are handmade with wood that is sanded and stained. With a rustic look, they’ll be a sure winner! Read More > 

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Personalized Whiskey Decanter 

Price: $74.95

These engraved whiskey decanter gifts will look great on any mantlepiece. There are three different options to choose from. You can select from just 2 whiskey glasses, or just a decanter or you can have both! Read More > 

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Custom Made Groomsmen Bottlehead 

Price: $96.58

These are so awesome! It’s definitely one of a kind! These groomsmen bobbleheads are made from clay and these ones are known to last 20 years. Read More > 

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There you have it 21 Gift Ideas for Groomsmen. All the best for your Wedding Day!

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