50+ Things To Get Done at Home Before Your Baby ArrivesHow to Get Shit Done!

Shit to get done FOUR MONTHS before your due date:

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Start Putting Together the Nursery

Start cleaning out the nursery, making sure it is pristine clean.  Start shopping for a cot, breastfeeding chair, change-table, lamp, rug etc. The great thing is you can do a majority of your nursery shopping online and have it delivered to your door!  Great places to shop around for pieces for your nursery include:

  • Mocka Australia has Nursery Furniture Packages available.  The Aspen Nursery Package (pictured below) includes a cot, cot mattress, change table, change mat, armchair and six-drawer unit.
  • Zanui has some adorable nursery furniture worth checking out!

The Aspen Nursery Furniture Package from Mocka

Invest in Block Out Curtains

Look for a good set of block-out curtains for the nursery. They really help with your newborn bub’s sleep routine.

What Time Is It?

It is also a good idea to put a digital clock in the nursery that states the temperature – makes it easier to know what to dress baby in!

Layby is Not Just a Thing of the Past

Put all your large nursery items on layby or if you know you are good at sorting your finances, on an interest-free card.

Labour Playlist

Start putting together a Spotify list to listen to during labour. Funny songs you can include:

  • Burning Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
  • Push by Madonna

Don’t Forget About The Family Pet

Any indoor animals should be starting to be transitioned outside or retrained.  If that can’t happen look at booking your best friend in at a kennel.

Think About the Pram

Test-drive some baby prams (make sure they will fit in your vehicle). See if you prefer a three-wheeler or a two-wheeler.  Check the ease to fold it up and down.

Read More: 10 Best Prams in Australia

10 Best Prams in Australia Under 2020 Edition | Stay at Home Mum

You Deserve a Push Present!

Think about a ‘Push Present’ and strategically place a picture on the fridge, circled in red ink. Traditionally a push present is a piece of jewellery.

More Reading: Would You Like a Push Present?

Think About a Birth Plan

Start thinking about your birth plan, and how you would like your birth to go. Put pen to paper and keep updating it as you approach the big day.

Babymoon Planning

Start planning a Babymoon to get away with your partner before the birth. Consider a holiday that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise – after all – you want to enjoy your holiday and relax with your partner before the baby comes.

Some ideas include:

Get a Tour at the Hospital

Book your hospital tour so you can see exactly where you have to go, and inspect the rooms to get a feel for the hospital.

Make Baby Look Pretty

Start shopping for baby clothes. The best bit!

Plan Your Baby Shower

Start planning your baby shower.

Plan the Birthing Classes

Book your Birth Classes at your local hospital.

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