50+ Things To Get Done at Home Before Your Baby ArrivesHow to Get Shit Done!

Shit to do TWO WEEKS before your due date:

Woman packing her bag with child stuff on couch

Double Check the Maternity Bag

Pack baby’s nappy bag and double check your maternity bag is all ready to go – we also have a FREE checklist for packing your baby’s bag

Going Home Outfit

Plan a ‘Going Home Outfit’ for both you and your baby.

newborn gown going home outfit organic knotted gown baby image 0

Organic Going Home Outfit from Sunny Afternoon

Loose Clothing for Post Birth

Organise some ‘In Between’ clothing for the months after birth.


Start thoroughly cleaning the house – top to bottom or even better, organise a cleaner.

Make Yourself Gorgeous (if You are into that!)

Get your hair done, lashes tinted, any waxing you want (Brazilian?), pedicure and manicures, and look and feel pretty!

Keepsake Paper

Organise for a friend to buy a copy of the local paper on the day your baby is born.  It is a great keepsake.

Shit to do ONE WEEK before your due date:

Vintage wooden empty baby cot with decorated pillows

Put Clean Sheets in The Cot

Have the baby’s cot all ready to go with fresh sheets. Then cover the cot with a large sheet so you don’t get dust on the sheets.

Unpack Bottles Etc

Make sure your bottle sterilisers are all unpacked and ready to go, your bottles are washed and everything is set up ready to rock n roll.

And Lastly, DAYS before your due date:

pregnancy, rest, people and expectation concept - happy pregnant


Put your feet up and read a good book.


Get loads of sleep.

Let Your Body Tell You What to Do!

Let your nesting instinct kick in!

Got anything else to add? Let us know!


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