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Brooches: A Lasting Last Minute Gift For Her

We hope your year has been one filled with many happy memories of time spent with loved ones, family and friends.  Time definitely seems to be speeding up at an alarming rate as each year goes by. So this holiday season we also hope that you will be able to enjoy some time out relaxing, eating, drinking and exchanging gifts with the special people in your life.  This is a time for reflecting on the year past and celebrating with those around us who bring us love and joy. It is also the perfect opportunity to remind those people that we care and appreciate them and all they mean to us.


Charlotte Cameo Brooch

Many of us are fortunate to have women who play a huge part in our lives; as friends, sisters, daughters and mothers and even colleagues.  It may be the sharing of a problem here and there, it may be that they have helped with babysitting or when we weren’t well and needed a hand; or it may simply be that they made our lives happier and fun filled just by simply being there for us. So if you haven’t yet found a special something for one of those amazing women in your life, don’t despair. We suggest you take a look at some of the beautiful brooches that are available now!

Brooches have made a serious comeback recently and they make a wonderful lasting gift, which will be treasured for years to come.  They can be pinned at the neck of a button up shirt or blouse or on the lapel of your favourite jacket. These little treasures are very eye catching and can make quite a statement when worn alone or coupled with a gold or silver chain or a luxurious string of pearls.  

Farah Pearl Snowflake Brooch

We found some exquisite pieces at Boho Brooches in a wide range of styles.  Some are pearl encrusted and others sparkle mesmerizingly with crystals and coloured stones.  Some are modern and funky with chunky shapes and big bold stones and others are delicate and reminiscent of a romantic bygone era with seed pearls and filigree designs.  We loved the vintage style pins especially, which included some gorgeous cameo brooches with distinctly Victorian overtones.  Some are boardered with flowers and leaves or colourful crystals. Other styles feature animals and some even have feathers!  

Lindsey Owl Brooch


The variety of colours and styles is mind boggling and truly, you can spend hours trying to decide between them. We warn you though; it will be very challenging to just choose one.  So don’t despair if you still haven’t completed your Birthday List for the year – there are beautiful brooches to suit every individual style.

Make someone’s eyes sparkle as much as the precious brooch you give them this holiday season and check out Boho Brooches for a gift that is uniquely theirs to enjoy for all time.

Harlow Pink Stone Brooch

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