Crafty Gift Ideas for DadFor when you are stuck for ideas and funds for Fathers Day!

Are you a bit stuck for ideas and funds for a Fathers Day gift this year? Or maybe your hubby just really loves homemade crafty gifts from the kids?

Below are some great ideas for Father’s Day presents that do not cost a lot but are done out of love from the kids, and are a heap of fun to do too!

A Wallet with a Surprise

Is your husband’s wallet in desperate need of a replacement? Hold off until Father’s Day to replace it. Then, ask the kids to help you create an extra special ‘gift’ for inside the wallet; Father’s Day Coupons! There are several templates online for cute and creative Father’s Day coupons that entitle Dad to hugs, kisses, special dinners, as well as goofy things like free entitlement to the remote control for the night. Get out the paper, scissors and crayons and help your children create a coupon book each to place inside the wallet.

Crafty Gift Ideas for Dad | Stay At Home Mum
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Photo Ideas

Again, this takes a little bit of work from you and the kids. Your job is to buy a photo frame. You may want to buy a standard frame or a special “I Love My Daddy” one or similar. Once you have selected the frame, ask your kids to select a few of their favourite photos to place into the collage.

This is also a good idea for a scrapbook as they can pick and choose more than a couple of photos and add stickers, construction paper, small drawings and anything else they desire to brighten up each page. If your children love arts and crafts, then this is an excellent project that could take them a few days to complete. And there is nothing more special than a present created out of passion and hard work.

You can also get them to decorate a special photo frame for Dad out of items they collect. For example, a beach photo frame can be extra special if your children have designed it, picked up the shells and sand and glued these items onto the photo frame themselves. You can buy a standard wood frame at any craft shop as well as wood glue, varnish and any other essentials you need.

Crafty Gift Ideas for Dad | Stay At Home Mum

Personalized Items

Coffee mugs, magnets, pens – all of these things can be personalized for an extra special present for Dad. However, you can personalize just about anything these days. Think about a small gift that your hubby would really like. If he likes fishing, perhaps a new tackle box is in order. Once you have the item, ask the kids to help out by choosing photos and making a collage. Before you let them start with the glueing however, plan out where the photos will go so that you only have to stick once. It might be a good idea to choose an item that is quite inexpensive, as the photos and glue can start to peel away and damage after a few months of use.

If you are looking for something a little special this year for Dad and want to think outside the traditional handmade card, then these three crafty projects will keep little hands occupied for several hours and provide Dad with the perfect gift that says “I Love You” in a unique and personal way.

Crafty Gift Ideas for Dad | Stay At Home Mum

A bouquet of bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? I’m sure dad does very much! Since it’s his big day, treat him to a bouquet of bacon roses. It does not only look dainty, it also tastes yummy. All you gotta do is roll some bacon strips, grill em and put em on top of the stems of plastic flowers.

You might wanna add a card that says: “Hey Daddy, we love you more than bacon. Happy Dad’s day!”

A Song number

If you don’t feel like doing anything we suggested, you can always do an amazing performance for dad and sing any Father’s day song that you know. Here’s a fun one!

What are you planning to do on Father’s day?

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