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List of Pet Subscription Boxes

A list of Subscription Boxes, both Australian and overseas for our pets.  These boxes cater to every type of animal! We have boxes for dogs, cats, birds, chooks and even horses! These make a great gift idea for the pet-mad owner!

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Dog Dream Box

  • For: Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia

Dog Dream Box is an Australian and family-owned dog subscription box business. They have the whole range of one-off gift boxes of dog toys, treats, accessories and grooming products specially created for different activities or events. Their goal is to put a smile on your face while your dog gets a spring in their paw-steps, inspiring hours of playtime, exercise, mental stimulation, snuggles, and adventure for dog-lovers and their fur-babies.

Everything is customised and tailored for every dog individually, either with your subscription or one-off time gift boxes.

More info:

  • Delivery: Monthly & One-time payments
  • Cost: price starts at $55

Chihuahua Crate

  • Ships from Australia
  • From $55 for a one-off box
  • From $200 for a 12-month subscription

Chihuahua Crate is a quarterly subscription box just for your Chihuahua or small breed dog.


Olly’s Box

  • For: Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia
Australia’s most loved Dog Subscription Box. Olly’s Box is a monthly delivery of interactive toys, healthy treats, and awesome goodies. You first fill up what kind of dog you have, and you are ready to receive your subscription box!
  • Delivery: monthly
  • Cost: $55/month


Pawgie Box

  • For: Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia
Pawgie offers a great range of special gift boxes for dogs and cats, specially selected dog and cat toys, natural Australian treats and accessories.
  • Delivery: One-time payment
  • Cost: price starts at $50

Go Get Me

  • For Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia
The Go Get Me box offers dog toys and treats for your furry friend!
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $25/month


  • For: Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia
Waggly Club is a dog box subscription service. Get treats, toys and surprises delivered to your door in Australia for your best mate.
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $52/month

Doggy Bag Delivery

  • For: Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia

Freshly cooked & portioned meals delivered straight to your door every week! No more running out of dog food. There are three types of plans, the dry and wet, the wet only and the dinner only.

  • Delivery: Weekly
  • Cost: Price starts at $5.55/day

Ruv Box

  • For Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Australia

A monthly box of dog treats, surprises, toys and r”uvs”. The plan depends on the size of your dog plus you can cancel it anytime!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $49/month

Get Wagging

  • For Dogs
  • Ships from The United States

Get Wagging is a unique monthly dog collar subscription box so your puppy can enjoy a new monthly design.  Get Wagging offer two different subscription options, the Collar Club (just one collar) or the Haute Dog, which is one collar and one leash.

  • Plans from $15/month

Bully Bundles

  • For Dogs
  • Ships from The United States

Bully sticks are long lasting 100% digestible dehydrated beef sticks for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.  They are both safe and healthy, clean your dog’s teeth and they just love them! Get your bully sticks sent monthly and save!

  • Subscription Plans from $13/month

Meow Box

  • For Cats
  • Country of Origin: Australia
Meow Box is a cat subscription box full of surprises, delivered to your door every month. Your Meow Box is brimming with yummy cat treats and fun cat toys, specially selected for quality and uniqueness, to cater to your cat’s discriminating taste. 
  • Delivery: Monthly or bi-monthly
  • Cost: $22.95

Get Catty Box

  • For: Cats
  • Country of Origin: Australia

The Get Catty box contains 4-6 cat toys and items that are priced up to $100 retail value! The box is also made for cats too!

  • Delivery: Bi-monthly
  • Cost: $59.95

Kitty Cat Krate

  • For Cats
  • Shipped from The United States

A subscription box full of goodies delivered right to your cat every three months.  Our quarterly deliveries contain a variety of 7 – 10 products including top of the line cat toys, all-natural treats along with various fun and healthy kitty products.

  • From $33/box (every three months)

Birdie Bundles

  • For: Birds
  • Country of Origin: Australia

A Monthly Bundle of Birdie Goodies for Your Feathered Friends. Birdie Bundles are shipped on the second week of each month

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost; $50/month

Parrot Box

This subscription accommodates all kinds of parrots! from parakeet to large Parrots!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $54/month

Squawk Box

  • For Lovebirds, Parrots, Parakeets and Green Cheek Conures
  • Shipped from the United States

Squawk Box is the perfect monthly box to keep your birds healthy and happy!  Every month we surprise you and your feathered friends with a new variety of fun items that are specifically hand picked with your bird in mind! Keep your best friend (or friends) happy and stimulated with Squawk Box.

  • Plans from $24.95 per month

Henny & Roo

  • For Backyard Chickens
  • Shipped from The United States

Spoil your girls with the only subscription box on the market that caters to backyard chicken enthusiasts.  Each month you will receive hard-to-find first aid and health products, chicken treats and coop items for your chooks.  Makes a great gift for the chicken owners!

  • Subscription Plans from $26.33 per month

The Horse Shoe Box

  • For: Horses
  • Shipped from The United States

The Horse Shoe Subscription Box is perfect for horse lovers of all ages.  Each box can be customized to make for a unique gift, including adding a letter from Santa for the little ones on request.  Each box contains horse-related gifts, equine products and equestrian products.

  • From $35.97/month

The Stable Box

  • For horses
  • Ships worldwide from The United Kingdom

The Stable Box is the UK’s largest equestrian horse equine subscription box.  Each month they feature well-known prestige brands to small independent brands.  You will receive at least five full-sized products along with a copy of Horse & Rider Magazine.

  • From $37.50 per month

Got a subscription box to add to our list? Great! Send us the details at [email protected]

List of the Best Pet Subscription Boxes

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