To Regift or Not to Regift

To Regift or Not to Regift | Stay at Home Mum

To Regift or Not to Regift….that is the question! I’m afraid to admit it but I re-gift often. I have a whole section in a cupboard dedicated to the re-gift.  Just in case you don’t know, a re-gift is when you receive a gift either for you or your family, and you either:

  • Have the item already and have no use for another one
  • It’s not your colour or size or won’t suit your lifestyle
  • It is so hideous and disgusting you just cannot live with it in your house

Re-gifting is a perfectly sensible way to save money.  If you have no use for it, isn’t it better off with someone who will enjoy it more? Buying presents can be a very expensive exercise and lets face it, there’s nothing wrong with being frugal and showing initiative, right?

There is etiquette for the re-gift. No matter what the situation (giving or receiving), it is always polite to originally accept the gift graciously. Now’s not the time to blurt out ‘Grandma you bought me size 20 knickers, I’m only a size 10’ or ‘Hey, I’ve seen these on special, buy one get one free, right?’ or, my personal childhood pearler, “Mum’s got that one already!’

Next, have a special spot somewhere in your house to stash it.  Make sure you write a little note (and stick it to the gift) stipulating who gave it to you and the occasion. This is very important; giving someone back a gift they gave you in the first place is never a comfortable situation.

Lastly, put a bit of thought into the regift. Really consider whether the recipient will enjoy what you are passing on.  If time goes on and you can’t get rid of a particular gift for whatever reason, perhaps consider donating it to charity.

Do you regift? Have you received an obvious regift? Have you ever been given a gift you gave to someone else?



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