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To families on tight budgets, grocery shopping is a stressful time.

On the one hand, you need to provide nutritious food for your family that will sustain them in their day to day life. On the other hand, you’re broke and you want your shopping to have the smallest monetary impact that it can on your budget.

So how do you balance the books when it comes to grocery shopping? Well, we have a few ideas to help you along.

10 Ways To Slash Your Grocery Bill

1. Budget, And Stick To It


The problem with budgets is that, while you might have a budget in mind, it’s often difficult to stick to one that isn’t clearly set out. If you’ve only just thought about how much you want to spend, you’ll tend to creep over that number and then justify it as not having been enough in the first place. This isn’t good practice, and you really are better off sitting down, crunching the numbers, and figuring out exactly what you want to spend every shop. If you struggle to stick to this in store, consider doing your shopping online and then just picking it up. Many large supermarkets offer ‘click and collect’, and the service is free.

2. Embrace Meat-Free Mondays


Not everyone is suited to or even interested in a meat-free lifestyle, but you cannot deny that eating meat can be an expensive endeavour, particularly when you have an entire family to feed. So to save on your groceries, eat meat-free at least once a week, if not more. Meat can be substituted with hearty vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato and potato, as well as eggplant or mushrooms. Alternatively, just swap in beans or lentils, which are nutritious and incredibly cheap.

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