15 Frugal Grocery Shopping TipsGet more for less!

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8. Eat Less Meat

Meat is very expensive.  It is easy to find ways to make your meat stretch that little bit further.  Bulk it up with veggies in a pie or with pasta and sauce.  Try eating a few vegetarian meals per week – they are delicious and cheap!  Think outside the square and look at food from other cultures.  A lovely chickpea curry or falafels with hummus and tabbouleh make a lovely change.  Adding grated vegetables and lentils to things like spaghetti sauce is a great way to bulk something up – and hide veggies from the kids!

9. Make (and Freeze) Your Own Lunches

If you spent $8 a day on lunch and a drink – over the course of a year that lunch would cost you $2,240.00.  That would buy a LOT of groceries.  So stock up on different types of breads and fillings, salads.  Cook a little extra every night and take some leftovers for lunch from the night before.  Plus consider freezing your sandwiches for the week!  Not only does it keep for longer, it saves time in the mornings too.  Everything except salad freezes reasonably well, and when you buy your bread and fillings fresh and freeze them tighly – they will easily last for up to two weeks in the freezer.



15 Frugal Grocery Shopping Tips | Stay At Home Mum

10. Try Freezer Cooking

I adore freezer cooking – it involves cooking in bulk and freezing in portions to eat another night – we have written a whole book on it!  It saves time because dinner is already made, and money because you can purchase food in bulk.  Typical examples of foods that freeze well are spaghetti bol sauce or even filling for the Chicken Pot Pie!

once a month cooking

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11. Buy a Slowcooker

It will be the best investment you have ever made.  Crock pots will cook anything – including roasts and desserts.  Generally you just cut up a whole bunch on ingredients, throw them in the crock pot and leave them for 8 hours and come back to a perfectly cooked meal.  Especially great in winter for casseroles and stews and a great way to use the cheaper cuts of meat.  For some great crockpot recipes – Click Here!

12. No Name Brands

Generic brands are a great way to slash your grocery budget.  Especially items like flour, sugar and rice – at the end of the day- is buying a name brand for more money really going to give you a different result?  Then you can have extra money to spend on the important items that do matter, like chocolate!

13. Keep an Eye on the Register

Supermarkets are not infallible, in fact, they make mistakes more often than you’d imagine!  Keep a mental note on prices and watch them as they get scanned, especially the items on sale.  More often than not if a mistake is found, you get the first item for free!

14. Compare the Best Deals

All supermarket chains to a weekly specials catalog – if you don’t receive it just pop on-line.  Plan your shop carefully – if you are out of nappies and someone has them 25% off – it is worth making a special trip for such a significant saving.  However weigh up the distances travelled etc first or you’ll blow all those savings on petrol money. A fantastic online website to help you compare products and find the lowest prices is www.frugl.com.au 

15. Cook Like a Nanna

Don’t waste ANYTHING – go through your fridge and cupboard and make sure you use something up before it turns into mush or is out of date.  Think creatively how you can use a particular item.  Throwing away food is like throwing away money!  This is where your crockpot can really come in handy!  Make sure you totally clean out your fridge before grocery shopping – use up anything in the back and make sure you have plenty of room for the new groceries.

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