Grocery Hacks With KidsMum Hacks 101: Grocery Shopping with kids. Hacks to make grocery shopping a success!

Have you been to the supermarket and end up being totally flustered because the kids are being little ratbags?

Say no more as we give you easy ways to organise your responsibilities!Mum hacks 101: Grocery Shopping with kids | Stay At Home Mum


Grocery Hacks With Kids | Stay at Home Mum

Park the shopping trolley as close as you can to your car so you can easily load and unload your child. If they are small put them in little seat near the handlebar so you can always attend to their needs without exerting too much effort. Cover the handlebar with foam padding. They have that in the kids’ toy section and they come in handy!

To the aisles of the supermarket

Mum hacks 101: Grocery Shopping with kids | Stay At Home Mum

The layouts of most supermarkets are almost the same, so as much as possible, try to avoid the aisles where your child is most likely to throw tantrums (i.e. the confectionery and toy aisles!). With your child sitting in front of you, you don’t have to worry because you can always keep an eye on them while pushing the trolley.

While Shopping

Grocery Hacks With Kids | Stay at Home Mum

Supermarkets have their own butcher section, so when you buy meat, ask the butcher to cut them into portions. Now, you don’t have to hack those meat yourself. Your tote bag just adds impractical clutter to your shopping cart, so in the meat section, grab a piece of plastic bag and use that to tie your bag into the cart’s handle. Twisty ties are available in some grocery stores. Score one and give them to your child to keep them occupied.

To avoid spilling your cheerios, which can be annoying, create a cheerios necklace made by inserting pieces of cheerios in the dental floss. This will ease up their hunger and tantrums.


Grocery Hacks With Kids | Stay at Home Mum

Keep a laundry basket in the back of your car. Place your shopping bags in that basket, so you just have to carry those bags in an organised manner.

For those items in your fridge that will soon expire, put them in one plastic container, written with label that will encourage your family to consume it first. For the canned boxes, put them inside the fridge first, then open both ends of the box so that you can easily push them for an easy unload. The bags in your freezer may consume a lot of space. By hanging them under the middle section of the fridge with binder clips, it can lessen the clutter and will also prevent you from having freezer burns when getting them.

Grocery shopping might not be your favourite chore of all, but these hacks will surely make your life easier! 

Check out this video for more grocery shopping hacks:

Keep these easy steps with you and grocery shopping will be a success every single time!

What’s up mums, do you have other grocery shopping tips?

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