10 Tips To Survive A Shopping Trip With KidsHere’s How To Get Your Shopping Done, Without Losing Your Mind

There aren’t too many things that incite a deep sense of dread in a parent like the thought of having to do any kind of shopping with their children in tow.

Let’s be honest, it’s a bloody nightmare.

10 Tips To Survive A Shopping Trip With Kids

Still, avoid it though you might, there are some instances where there’s just no other choice but to take your children shopping. When the time comes for that, you want to be prepared. So, here are our 10 tips for surviving a shopping trip with your children. Covering general shopping and groceries, the experts at SAHM hope this list helps you get your shopping done, without losing your marbles.

1. Have a plan

10 Tips for Surviving Shopping with Kids | Stay At Home Mum
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You might think you can get away with winging it when you shop alone, but when you have kids with you its best to have a plan. This means a list of things you need to get, where you’re going if you’re hitting more than one store, and pretty much any other planning you can do to absolutely minimise the time you’re spending in the shop. Supermarkets and shopping centres can be high stress environments because they’re not always kid friendly, so get it done quick and get out of there!

2. Avoid busy periods

10 Tips for Surviving Shopping with Kids | Stay At Home Mum
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This should go without saying, but as much as possible try and avoid going shopping with your kids during peak shopping hours. Nothing is going to screw with your sanity more (or your children’s health) than having to wait in massive lines, navigate around hoards of shoppers, and generally deal with crowds. If you know you have to go shopping with your kids, try and schedule it at times when most people aren’t shopping, so it’s easier for you.

3. Fuel up and have snacks

10 Tips for Surviving Shopping with Kids | Stay At Home Mum
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The only thing worse than a tired kid is a hungry one, and while you might not be able to do anything about tired right now, you can definitely do something about hungry. Make sure your kids have something in their belly before you go shopping, to prevent mid-aisle meltdowns over rumbling bellies, and your migraine that follows. Also, because kids are greedy little bastards, bring a few snacks along (special ones if food bribes are your thing) to keep them happy.

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