Things I Hate About Grocery Shopping

There are many things I dislike about grocery shopping, it costs a fortune, it takes time and it needs to be done regularly and never really gets any more interesting to do.  Here are my pet peeves!

  1. Trolleys with dodgy wheels that have a life of their own.
  2. Trolleys that are filled with rubbish from the last person that used it because they were too lazy to put it in the bin!
  3. Bags of potatoes that look lovely and fresh and when you get home there’s a rotten one lurking in there that has leaked all over your box of cornflakes and through the bottom of the dodgy plastic shopping bag and into your car carpet.
  4. Dodgy plastic bags that can’t hold a bag of potatoes with a dodgy one in it.
  5. People that squeeze the fruit and put it back – if you’ve squeezed it you’ve bought it lady!
  6. Smaller packets, same price.
  7. That the milk and bread are right up the back and that’s all you need!
  8. That the wine section isn’t in the supermarket – but always next door – so I always forget.
  9. That the wine that actually IS available in the supermarket is non-alcoholic.  What’s the point – who buys that?
  10. They put the hot chooks right out the front and I can smell them the whole way through the shop…
  11. People that change their minds and plonk what they don’t want in the wrong place.
  12. Deli workers that look like they enjoy cutting up that meat just a little TOO much…..
  13. Price checks at the checkout. GRRRRRRRR!
  14. Grumpy insipid checkout workers that can’t crack a smile.
  15. Over the top ‘I’m so happy I could shit’ checkout workers.
  16. Loudspeaker announcements.  What language are they using?
  17. The automated checkout supervisor who always eyes you off like you stole something.
  18. Trolley return bays that are always at the opposite end from where you just parked.
  19. Impatient people at the checkout that ram the trolley into your Achilles heel and go ‘Ohhh sorry’.
  20. That they put chocolates at the checkout and your now impatient toddler is having a meltdown because you won’t give him one which leads to a nightmare trip to the car, and then the whole way home.

Guest Blog by Freda McFishntackle, Freda (or Federica for short) is a mother of two from Queensland with a wry sense of humour and a mortgage you could trip over.  Admittedly terrible with money, it’s her goal to get back on track in 2011/12/13/14.  

To read more of Fred’s hilarious posts – Click Here!

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