25+ Epic Online Shopping Fails...And this is what I got!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about buying online.

Buying online is great, especially Christmas time when we’ve got all our hands full — literally — and the way to go for our shopping needs is online. But, check the small print first!

Most of us have had the excitement of our newly purchased goodies arriving through the mail, but sometimes, what we ordered is absolutely completely not what we were expecting. And most of the time, it is pretty hilarious!

You don’t want to be giving these as a gift to yourself right? Here are some of the epic online shopping fails we just can’t stop laughing about.

Fashion Fails!

That first sighting of your newly purchased item whether it’s from your wedding dress to your formal dress, it really feels like a shock horror when it is nothing like you thought it would be.

1. From Hot to Not…

Via Reddit
Image via Reddit

2. Oh yes, you are definitely going to be the centre of attention in this dress.

Via Reddit
Image via Reddit

3. Awww…new pajamas!

Via Reddit
Image via Reddit

4. This looks like a kind of dress that’s travelled from the 1800s.

i bought a cheap dress off the internet 4
image via marketium.ru

More fashion shopping online fails, next!

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