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Best Sites to Buy Discount Bed Linen in Australia

There is nothing like slipping into clean, amazing sheets at night.  Bed linen is one item that I never skimp on because you spend so much time in bed, you want to be snuggly, warm and totally comfortable.  But have you seen how much a really good set of sheets cost these days? Wowsers – I’ve seen them for up to $400 per set or even more!  Crazy.  Luckily, there are loads of places now that you can buy beautiful bed linen at a great price – you may just have to keep an eye out for sales!

20 Best Sites to Buy Bed Linen in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

These are the places I always look for a good deal online:

1. Sheridan Factory Outlet

Sheridan has been creating premium quality home and lifestyle products for 50 years, loved as an icon of distinctly Australian style. Devoted to quality, craftsmanship and artistry, every piece has been expertly crafted to the highest quality standards by our in house team of artists, master weavers and designers in the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio.

But did you know that Sheridan also has a Factory Outlet where you can purchase Sheridan seconds for a bargain! Now traditionally Sheridan branded stuff is SO EXPENSIVE! BUT – they often have sales (they had a 40% off sale recently) so that’s the time to grab what you want! The products are usually slightly imperfect – or are the wrong colour shade – but still awesome quality.

Hint: If you sign up to their newsletter you get an additional 10% off!

Shop Sheridan Factory Outlet Online>

Sheridan Factory Outlet | Stay at Home Mum

2. Catch of the Day

Catch is a large deal site and they often have huge sales – of which bed linen is usually always there!  At the time of writing, they had brands such as:

Shop Bed Linen at Catch>

3. Canningvale Australia

Originally from Perth, Canningvale has world-class bed sheets, towels and home decor.

What they stock:

Beach Towels, Sheet Sets, Doona Covers, Pillows, Underlays, Mattress Protectors, Candles, Homewares

Check out their Deal of the Week

Shop Canningvale>

20 Best Sites to Buy Bed Linen in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

4. Ozsale

Ozsale is another fantastic deal site that offers unbelievable deals on loads of household items.  Bed linen is nearly always on sale – with varying brands depending on the sale.  But I have seen brands on there such as:

I highly recommend you keep an eye out – you have to jump on the sales quick though because they do sell out really fast!

Shop Discount Bed Linen>

5. Harris Scarfe

Yes they were in trouble a year or so back and it looked like they were going broke – but they are back and they still have really fantastic high-quality linen – and you can buy it all online.  They have a few really fancy International brands too that are worth looking at!

Current brands on their website include:

Check out their range of linen online>

7. Bambury (they have a clearance section worth checking out!)…..

Bambury has a really gorgeous range of bed linen – but they also have a clearance section – which is where I like to go right away to get the cheap linen!

Check out the Bambury Clearance Section>

8. Factory to Home

Factory to Home is a discount outlet that has an excellent discount bedding section that includes:

Their prices are ridiculously cheap and they are worth checking out.

See their range here >

9. Kogan Australia

Kogan is another of those ‘mega-online-outlets’ where you can often find a ‘too good to be true’ price.  Yes, they are legit!

Check out the linen section of Kogan>

10. Adairs Outlet

You might think ‘Oh Adairs, they have nice stuff, but they are hell expensive’. And you’d be right.  But – a little secret – they have an Outlet where you can get everything on sale! Shhhhh grab all the bargains yourself!

Shop the Adairs Outlet here>

Got more to add?  Drop us a line at [email protected]

Best Sites to Buy Discount Bed Linen in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

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