Bosisto’s Euco Fresh Laundry Powder

I’m always on the lookout for new products in the supermarket that become available and I noticed this new product this week.  Bosisto’s Euco Fresh Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder in the 1kg box.

Now I will admit that I am a huge fan of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil and I do add it to my washing now and I love the smell of eucalyptus on my washing.  The 1kg pack does suit both top and front loaders, which is great because I always end up buying the wrong sort at the shops (recently swapped from top loader to front loader).  It does sud quite a bit (even though it does say low foam on the pack), but certainly not like usual top loading powders.  I do prefer a liquid to a powder and apparently it does come in a 500ml liquid form – but I haven’t yet seen this available in the shops.


The pack recommends adding two scoops of washing powder per wash.  I only used the one and thought even that was too much.  Next time I’ll try 2/3rd’s of one scoop.  The wash-ability was certainly comparable to Omo.  It removed obvious stains and is strong enough to clean heavily soiled children’s clothing.  Don’t use too much powder though – some of my bright colours felt a little ‘over washed’.

Value for Money:

The 1kg pack cites 33 washes and retails for $8.99.  At 33 washes I consider the pack expensive (at 27c per wash).  However as mentioned above, if you reduce the amount (and I recommend you do) – not only does it wash just as well – you get more bang for your buck.


  • Smells amazing, washes really really well.  You don’t need a whole scoop to clean a load of washing (I halved it with really good results)
  • Great stain removal ability for new and obvious stains.
  • Comes in a liquid too (even though it wasn’t on the shelves).
  • Is grey water and sewerage treatment plant friendly.


  • Only comes in a 1kg powder – wish you could buy it in larger packs to save money.
  • The inner resealable pack doesn’t seal particularly well.  Makes my laundry smell nice though.
  • The eucalyptus smell doesn’t really linger much after washing.
  • Quite expensive as far as laundry powder goes.
Would I buy it again?  
Hmmm maybe.  I think I would use this for my heavily soiled kids clothing but would certainly stick to Lux Flakes or Soapnuts for more delicate fabrics.

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