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Electrolux is a leader in vacuum innovation and design and one of their newest additions to the family is the cordless rechargeable Ergorapido Plus. As you are probably well aware by now, we at Stay at Home Mum love any device that makes housework easier and less time consuming and thus reviewing the Electrolux Ergorapido Plus vacuum cleaner was a real treat! Ergorapido Plus watermelon Red

The Logistics

The recommended retail price is $299.00 and you can find these little beauties online or through major homeware stores such as David Jones. There are a number of features that makes this vacuum cleaner stand out. The Ergorapdio Plus features:

  • Lithium ion technology for longer lasting cordless performance
  • Brush roll clean to effortlessly remove hair, string and other debrs that builds up on the brush roll
  • Cordless and rechargeable which means easier maneuvering and assembly
  • LED lights on nozzle to ensure you never miss patches of dust and dirt under the couch or in other dark spaces
  • Two in One cleaning – the Ergorapido Plus transforms into a smaller hand held unit perfect for benches, shelves and table tops.

Sounds pretty good on paper? But what about around the house? SAHM’s director Chris took it for this little sucker for a spin and here is what he discovered:

electrolux imageErgorapido Plus Pros:

  • Good suck-could not see anything left behind, went over well soiled areas twice though.
  • Has pretty lights on the full vacuum, definitely useful for those dark dusty nooks.  However the smaller detachable “dust busting” component is missing these which would be handy for those small crannies in the car.
  • Comfortable to use- handle has quality rubber backing feature
  • Sturdy (not like some of the cordless vacuums you see)
  • Simple! Just grab and go.
  • Swivel head really does rock- it can twist to some pretty cool positions
  • Small space required for storing, unlike its big and bulky ancestors.
  • Cordless (except when recharging)
  • Stand is also sturdy and keeps vac fully supported
  • Bagless
  • Very easy to clip dust buster in and out, which clips sturdily into place
  • Rollers on full vac make it easy on wood floors
  • Has battery indicator split into 3 sections to monitor usage.
  • 18 volt means good for car and marine- however doesn’t come with an adaptor for this (eg. Cigarette point plug)

 Ergorapido Plus Consergorapido plus

  • No ability to use power cord means must be recharged before the fun begins.
  • Average noise level
  • On-off button easy to click accidentally when picking it up out of the charging dock
  • Suction up or down feature on full vacuum seems kinda pointless- we like full suck

imagesOverall Opinion:

The dual use (detachable mini-vac) makes it well worth the while, as does the 18volt power source. I think the beauty of this device is it’s complete simplicity, versatility and good quality. This is definitely one we recommend!

Reviewed by Chris Gryg

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