Electrolux Ultra Power

I am defiantly one of these mothers who gets excited when a new appliance makes its début in my house.  And this was exactly how I felt when the Electrolux Ultra Power came a knocking.

I carefully unwrapped my new baby (apparently OUR new baby according to my husband), and placed all the parts (all 7 of them – don’t quote me, I was very excited), on my dining table.  Now, I am generally a stickler for the instructions, my husband is generally worse than I in this department, but I thought, there isn’t many parts, so I will just go with it. After about 4 minutes, and maybe a short glance toward a clear instructional picture (just to be sure), it was together….waiting patiently for me to plug in!  Its bright and shiny colours, lighting up the moment the 240v was executed.  Did I mention I am a sucker for shiny new toys!

So there it was, looking at me, waiting for me to take to the vacuuming…..but, I had to wait for it to charge!  So I wait, and it was then I read the instruction booklet and it told me it took 16 hours for a full charge!  Initially let down, I read on….it then said the light on the front would start blinking at me when it was charged.  After about 3 hours, it was ready….

Where to start I thought! Thankfully, a 5 yr old (not to be named for fear of said 5 year old denial) had recently decided to bring the outdoors indoors, and had left a trail of dried leaves over my lounge room floor.  This was a piece of cake for the Electrolux Ultrapower.  One pass over and I could see those leaves being sucked straight up.  No double Vac here…

But, the real joy, and I mean tears to eye joys, was when my husband and children filed in the door late that afternoon and in front of them, they met our newest member of the family.  There were oo’s and arrr’s, and as each one managed to lift it out of his own little housing, they took off around the house, collecting whatever remains they could find.   They loved that it lighted up, that it was easy to manoeuvre  could reach under the dining table (the dreaded spot of all mums with bubs), it went from floor boards to carpet without skipping a beat!

Best of all, my 7yo boy, he who thinks the household chores are done by some magic chore fairy in the middle of night, was very excited about vacuuming.  Will his ability to see past the gadget and attend to the floors in future, well, it has been 4 days now, and he has managed to work our newest family member at my insistence without too much persuasion.  This is a bonus.

Overall, I rate it an 8 / 10.  It does the job, its easy to store, and it charges very quickly.

Cons, it’s a tad noisy, (and I know this as the kids keep yelling at me when I am using it), and I wish it had a breakaway section for smaller area use (i.e. car).

I would however, recommend this to anyone who just hates dragging out the old dust collector, with its impeding cord, arms, and heads.  It puts the pleasure back into vacuuming.  And this has to be a good thing!

The Electrolux UltraPower retails for $399.00.  Look out for our Friday Freebie as we have one to give away!

Product Review Done by Renita Gordon

Stay at Home Mum was NOT paid for this product review and it is our own and honest opinion of the product.

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