Electrolux Ultracaptic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is not one of my favourite pastimes, but who was I to argue when I was asked to roadtest the Electrolux Ultracaptic Vacuum Cleaner and give my floors a good going over? I love new things so this caused a little bit of excitement and for the first time in a long time, I actually looked forward to vacuuming my house!

First Impressions:

“I believe in miracles – where you from? You sexy thang?” once sang the 70’s band Hot Chocolate. This song popped into my head as I was pulling the Electrolux Ultracaptic from the box for the first time.  I never thought that ever in my life I would say a vacuum cleaner was sexy – until I first set eyes on this baby! I am now in lurve! It looks slick, and space-age and just really cool. And this one’s red (which goes faster according to my 5 year old son and my car mad hubby!).

I found the vacuum components really easy to put together, so much so, that I didn’t even look at the instructions to see what went where (naughty I know, but I did check the instructions afterwards to make sure I hadn’t messed it up though!) Once I had it all together, I looked it over and found some really awesome features, which included: A super long retractable electrical cord, an easily extendable vacuum tube, some great head attachments including a turbo power head for carpets, a hard floor head and a 3-in-1 nozzle (for crevices, upholstery and those hard to reach places) and a easy to remove dust compartment (all bagless).

Manoeuvrability :

I have both tiled floors and carpeted floors in my house and lots of tight corners in the hallways and rooms, so I need a vacuum which will be able to go just about anywhere. The Ultracaptic certainly is very easy to pull around the place with it’s smooth wheels and great turning circle. It didn’t tip over if I turned quickly and wasn’t difficult to move around from room to room. It was easy enough for my kids to use too (bonus!) because it was so easy to move around and the extendible (telescopic) tube could be adjusted for their height.

Suckability :

This vacuum really sucks – in a very good way though! On the handle, you have the option of controlling the “sucking power” in five levels (1 being low suck and 5 being super-dooper suck!). I found the super-dooper suck great for the carpets, especially when coupled with the turbo power head attachment, and my carpets came up looking absolutely spectacular! With the turbo head you also have the option on the handle as to whether you want to use the rotating brushes or not by just pressing a button. The lower suck is good for when you are vacuuming the hard floors (tiles) with the hard floor attachment, as you don’t really need lots of power. The vacuum is also fairly quiet (as much as a vac can be anyway). The 3-in-1 nozzle was awesome too – did a great job cleaning out my grotty window tracks and also the crevices in my lounge suite plus the cornices.

Dust Collectability :

A beautiful feature as aforementioned, is that this machine is bagless – it has a sizeable dust compartment at the front of the unit, and you can see everything being collected by the vacuum (great for if you accidentally suck up a bit of Lego or a Barbie shoe – ooops!) Once you have finished vacuuming, you have the option of either compressing the dust down so there’s more room to fit more dust when you next vacuum, or you can just remove the dust compartment and empty the contents in the bin. This is super easy too – one flick of the unlock button and the bottom flips open and out comes the stuff (just make sure you are holding it over the bin – and not overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the dust compartment – when you do this otherwise you’ll have to clean up the mess! Yes, I am speaking from experience!)

Cons : 

There are loads of pros and very few cons. I only came up with a couple and they are pretty nit-picky really. I found the vacuum quite heavy to lift out of the box, and also, compared to other vacuums I have owned in the past, it is a little cumbersome. It does stand upright or lay flat for storage, but you still might need to clear some space for it. Really though, that is all the negative stuff I can say about it!

Verdict :

Well, as you can probably gather – I love the Electrolux Ultracaptic and I would certainly not hold back in recommending it to you, our fans, and also to anyone who asks!

The UltraCaptic from Electrolux  retails for $899.

Reviewed by Nicole Millard – SAHM Social Media Manager. 

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