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Thanks to Triumph Triaction range, Jody and the girls head out to get fitted professionally. Jody has been wearing the wrong size bra for too long, she had no idea! Everyone has a favourite bra, but do you know if that good ol’ favourite of yours is the correct fit or not? Do you know how to measure bra size?

Many women don’t know their correct bra sizes. According to a survey done by Triumph, a whopping 64% of women wears the incorrect size! Wearing incorrect sizes is not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Aside from physically looking sloppy and not in shape, an ill-fitting bra can also have wires that cut into the skin, gives inadequate support to the breasts, and can result to long-term problems with posture. It may even lead to breast pain, mastitis, lymph node blockage, and back problems! Thus, it is extremely necessary to know how to measure bra size.

Have you ever been fitted professionally for the correct bra? It’s not as embarrassing as you may think and you will never go back once you feel the comfort of a correct fitting bra! Get the girls out…you won’t regret it!

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How to Measure Bra Size (by SAHM and Triumph)

Watch now.


Jody was nervous….


Triumph Triaction Performance….ooh tell us more!


Triumph Crop…..oh soooo comfy!


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