Insinkerator Product Review

I was approached by Insinkerator a few weeks ago about doing a product review on their new Insinkerator Evolution 100 Food Waste Disposer.  It’s something I hadn’t thought of before to tell the honest truth – I’ve only ever seen a few in real life before when I was young and they were noisy, smelly things.  They offered to install one in my kitchen (hooray) so I could give you my honest opinion on what I think!


The installation was trouble free except for the fact it flooded in Gympie during the middle of it (gahhhhh) and to tell the truth after it was done – I was really surprised at how unobtrusive in the kitchen it was!  Apart from a tiny little chrome button that sits on the side of my sink (and blends in really really well – no switch on the side of a wall somewhere) – I didn’t even NOTICE it was there.  Even under the sink where it’s ‘pulverising belly’ (as I tell my kids) sits, it isn’t as big as I imagined and I can still fit a lot of things in the cupboard underneath!

Noise Factor:

Now when I was a kid and I saw one of these in action it was so noisy I was quite frightened – but I’m very pleased to say that the new Insinkerator is super quiet.  In fact it is hard to hear it operate over the running water.  I dropped a couple of carrots in there (to see what it would do and to scare the children) – and yes you can certainly hear them getting squished into pulp – but it is super fast – and then goes quiet again – I’m impressed!!!


I had always thought that Insinkerator’s had blades – but apparently they ‘pulverise’ instead – with no blades. I’ll take their word for it!

Why an Insinkerator:

Even though I’ve never had one before, or thought about it before – I think it is a terrific addition to my kitchen – I feel it really adds some value to my kitchen and my home. It is a nifty way to get rid of the kids half eaten cereal in the morning (the dog is getting too fat so it has to go somewhere!) and with the kids tipping all sorts of things down my sink anyway (half drunk glasses of congealed milk, scraps, pieces of toast, etc etc), now I just press a button and it’s all gone!  I’m pleased I don’t have to use my hands to scrape out the yukkies.

The tiny little chrome button – hardly noticeable!

My Verdict:

In the week I have had it – I’m already using it every day (mainly at breakfast time).  There has been no odour whatsoever (in fact my sink smells better because any scraps are being pulverised).  I love the fact it is so quiet – I’m really pleased I have one of these – and if I ever build another house – it will be a must-have item!  I highly recommend one if you have young children and no chooks to eat the scraps.



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