Magellan Echo Watch

Product of the Day: Magellan Echo Watch

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At Stay at Home Mum we love to share our finds with everyone else out there. Here is one for any fitness mumma’s out there – the Magellan Echo Watch! Or, as I like to call it – the Most-Convenient-Way-to-Track-Your-Workouts-Without-Wasting-Time-Fiddling-With-Your-Smart-Phone Watch.

The great thing about this watch is that it works with your Smart Phone and the various Fitness Apps out there. However, instead of having to hold your phone in your hand or stop your workout, take the phone out of the waterproof satch and fiddle with trying to press the buttons, all the while cursing the damned thing, you can use the watch.

The Echo is the first dedicated Smart Sports watch in Australia that works on Bluetooth technology. It connects to your iPhone and will stream the data from the App (such as distance, time, calories and even heart rate). However, you can actually see it! Just look down on your wrist and the info is there. You don’t have to hold your phone in your sweaty hands or stop mid workout to change the song on your playlist.

As a runner, biker and swimmer, this thing has saved me a lot of stress over the past week (and cut down on my time as I no longer have to spend the first minute of my run trying to strap the smart phone to my arm after pressing Start Workout).

My rating:  

Convenience:   10/10. This watch, combined with my fitness app of choice, MapMyRun (seriously, best ever app for people who don’t just run but also bike, swim, hike, dance, etc), has made tracking my workouts so much more enjoyable!

Compatibility: The Echo Watch works with sports apps like  Strava, all Wahoo Fitness apps, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyHike, iMobileinterval, iSmoothRun and GolfPadGPS. It is compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S

Affordability:  $149-199 depending on the model

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Availability:  Online and in stores, such as Dick Smiths

Learn more here:

Stay at Home Mum was NOT paid for this review.  Seriously, I just really like this watch and had to share. 

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