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Our find of the day is for Mersey Valley Pickled Onion Cheese – sound gross?  No way.  This cheese is a taste sensation.  In fact I would go as far as to say that this cheese is responsible for my 5kg weight gain in the last month.  I simply can’t have it in the fridge.  Thanks Mersey Valley, now my thighs rub together.

The cheese is has a feta like consistency with a strong bitey taste.  The pickled onions have been shredded finely and are worked through the cheese, so when you bite down, you get a little bit of that gorgeous vinegar tang.  It is soft enough to use as a dip (if you allow it to come up to room temperature).  It is also FANTASTIC in a chicken and cheese soup (check out our recipe here!).

My rating:  

Taste:  9/10

Affordability:  5/10 (it’s fairly pricey)

Availability:  Most supermarkets, in the gourmet cheese section.

Would I buy it again:  Yes, Yes, YES

Stay at Home Mum was NOT paid for this review.  The product was purchased at Woolworths and the thoughts and insights are all my own.

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