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Mimijumi Baby Bottle Review | Stay at Home Mum

We recently received two Mimijumi baby bottles to review and both were mailed out to two Mums (that I don’t know) for their honest opinion.

Here is their unchanged reviews in their own words:

Review by Peta Hulbert: 
Look and feel

Well, my first impression of the Mimijumi baby bottle was certainly positive with thoughts like, “why didn’t people think of this before!” running through my mind.

The bottle is certainly unique and distinctive in appearance and has a super stylish appeal to it.

Despite its fanciful aesthetics, it’s the design of the bottle that I was most interested in.

The teat is shaped like a woman’s breast in shape, colour and texture and the manufacturers have designed it this way to replicate the look and feel of a mother’s breast.

This certainly has many advantages, as this would be the ideal bottle for a mother trying to combine bottle feeding with breast feeding or trying to move on from breast feeding to bottle feeding.

 Easy to use (or not)

I found the bottle extremely easily to use.

I was able to sterilise the bottle in my usual manner (microwave steriliser) and the large opening allowed me to easily pour my expressed milk into the bottle without any spillage.

The no-skid bottom meant that I was able to fill the bottle without it sliding all over the bench top while holding a hungry, wiggly baby!

The bottle was also comfortable to hold for the duration of the feed.

Did bub like it?

My daughter really liked this bottle and took to it extremely well.

Her attachment to the Mimijumi bottle was identical to her attachment to my breast and the flow seemed to be the same.

Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s: I really liked many features of this bottle including its aesthetics and that the bottle is BPA, Latex and Lead free.

I also like that when I was giving my four month old breast feed baby a bottle, that I was giving her something as close as possible to my breast.

Con’s: I didn’t find anything negative with the bottle itself, but from doing some research online, I found that the bottle retails for about $27 for the larger, “Very Hungry”, 240 ml size and $25 for the smaller “Not so hungry” bottle which holds 120 ml.

For a two pack of replacement teats, they will cost $25.

This makes the bottles quite expensive comparatively, especially considering a number of bottles would have to be purchased if the bottles were going to be used throughout the day.

But, this is a price that many mothers would happily pay if it would allow them the freedom of being able to have a baby that will take a bottle when required, such as when returning to work or transitioning from breast feeding to bottle feeding.

Would you but it yourself?

I would definitely buy this bottle and would highly recommend it to anyone who was having issues with a baby refusing bottles, for all the reasons mentioned above.


Review by Virginia Emgregts

I am a 25 year old mother of two, the second of which is my beautiful 4 week old daughter.

Due to complications with her birth, I was very unwell for the first 72 hours after her birth and was unable to attempt breast feeding, so she has been bottle fed since birth.

Originally I was using a brand of bottle with a narrow teat that I used for my son, but found these unsuitable and quickly changed to a wider, flatter teat.

The Mimijumi bottle has a fantastic teat that is flat and wide, and seems very similar to a breast.

I love the way the teat is one piece, rather than the traditional teat & attachment ring being two separate pieces.

It makes washing, sterilizing & bottle preparation faster & easier.

When I first saw it I was concerned that there was no valve to help reduce colic, but upon use discovered that the bottle allows air in via the teat/bottle connection, without allowing the formula to come pouring out at the same time!

Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Jody that my daughter is a strong sucker and has been using the 3-6 month teats (of her current bottles) since she was two weeks old as the slow flow 0-3 month teats didn’t let the milk out fast enough, causing her to become frustrated.

While the Mimijumi slow flow teat was good, my daughter became frustrated again with the slow flow of the milk, and I was forced to change back to her normal bottles.

The two things I found annoying, and it’s probably just me, but I found the angled opening to the bottle a bit disconcerting and had to really concentrate on making sure I was pouring the correct amounts of water (I know it’s only the top that’s angled, but for some reason my brain could see the angle and I found it distracting).

The second thing was that I couldn’t get the travel lid to clip on at all, my husband tried too but no luck either.

Overall, a fantastic bottle, I wish I’d remembered to request the next size up teat, rather than the newborn teat, as I definitely enjoyed using it, and, depending on pricing, would recommend it to anyone.

For more information on Mimijumi Bottles, please check out their website on www.mimijumi.com.au

Disclaimer: Stay at Home Mum was NOT paid for this product review, neither were the two reviewers although they did get to keep the bottles sent to them to enable them to do the review. The reviewers were asked for their open and honest opinions and they are reproduced here exactly.

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