Powered Life Review

When I first received LittleBits Electronics Premium Kit, I really wasn’t sure that it was going to be a big hit with the kids. I was so wrong, from the moment my son opened the box and started to sort through the pieces he was entranced with it. Seeing the light bulb moment on his face when he connected how they worked and what he could make was amazing.

The kit comes with 9V battery, a custom made screwdriver for fine tuning and a vibeSnap to attach your Vibration Motor. The case is really cool, it comes with a Project Booklet that has easy to follow instructions for the children.

The girls love it as well, our neighbors daughter sat with our son and they pulled the electronic pieces in and pulled bits out to make lights work, see the fan running. You could see their minds just buzzing with the possibilities of what they could make.

This is perfect for all ages, doesn’t require soldering, wiring or programming. Check out their website, Facebook page and Twitter. This is an awesome educational gift for children who love to know how things work.

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