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Bissell AirRAM. Let’s just say I am the envy of all the other Stay at Home Mum staff and am basking in the glory!!!

Already having 3 different vacuums at home, I knew this one would have a purpose all of its own … yep you heard right – Product Review Bissell AirRAM | Stay at Home MumI now Own 4 Vacuums and they all have their own jobs to do. I am batshit crazy when it comes to a good Vacuum cleaner! So what did I think of the Bissell AirRAM? I shouldn’t get so excited about vacuums, but I do! It is one (of four) device/s that gets used in my home on a regular basis. On first impressions, well, I was very very impressed! And after the first use, well lets just say I am in LOVE! And if I love something enough it gets named in my home.

So what do I love about it most….hmmmmm? One thing I immediately noticed about the Bissell Air Ram was the look and size. Its futuristic look reminded me of something out of the Jetson’s and it was light as a feather.


  • Upon first use I was truly amazed at the power it had for a cordless Vacuum. I have a Ragdoll cat and so there is fur on the carpet that needs cleaning more than once a day. The Air Ram tackled this with ease. One pass and it picked the fur, burrs from the kids shoes… even the trail of wood chips my husband drops as he is stocking the fire. Now that is a task I usually have to whip out the expensive vacuum for, however the Air Ram did the job like a pro!
  • So far I have got two days of vacuuming the carpets in my house and have not placed back on the charger yet. This to me is what sets this apart from the other cordless vacuums on the market. I (of course) already own two other styles of cordless vacuum cleaners, one of which doesn’t hold charge for more than 20 mins and the other I am lucky to vacuum the crumbs under the table before it starts to go flat and lose power. I’m told the AirRAM battery should last roughly 40 minutes of full power cleaning, with a few hours of charging needed to bring back to full capacity.
  • Product Review Bissell AirRAM | Stay at Home MumIt charges just like a mobile phone, and even has a battery charge indicator, so I know when charge is getting low. And the best part is the battery is detachable from the vacuum, so it can be charged separately while the AirRAM stays hidden in the cupboard.
  • The Swivel design of the handle makes it a breeze to manoeuvre and the width of the vacuum means I can get into the tightest corners. The handle also lays right back allowing you to get right under furniture, and the low-profile design of the cleaner head makes this possible.
  • I did discover (by sheer accident) that it has a safety shut off too after I accidentally got to close to a pair of underpants hidden under my sons bed which it sucked up, but immediately shut of once it did so…. phew!
  • What really impressed me the most about this little machine is its ability to go from carpet to hard floors. Throw away your brooms ladies, because I just found a machine that will clean your hard floors without the flicking of debris like some of the other upright vacuums on the market do!


  • Its a little louder than most other cordless vacuums on the market.

So all that is left now is to give it a name! Thumbs up for the Bissell AirRAM.

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Reviewed by Malinda B

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