Thermomix Product Review – DON’T BUY!

First published in June 2012, Stay at Home Mum’s Jody’s Thermomix Review is infamous. Maybe because she was one of the first to speak out publically against it? Or put her actual name to her honest review? But it seems this week she’s not alone. While we often enjoy a ‘thermie’ review by one of it’s cult members (by force or just for laughs) – we found this week, one of our all time favourites. You see, we found our people. They understand overpriced appliances, just like Jody does. Check out this HILARIOUS review from The Katering Show:


And, in case you’ve never seen it before, Jody’s fabulous review:

For those of you who have been following Stay at Home Mum for awhile – you would know that I’m very anti-Thermomix.  There seems to be so much emotion involved with these machines.  Seems you are either for, or against it.  No offence if you have one and all.   Even though I have had many many consultants call me to do a ‘no-obligation four hour presentation in my home’ – I’ve always said no –  no matter how ‘pushy’ they are. Why are Thermomix Consultants sooooo pushy?  If I want a product, let the product do its own talking.  In fact I would go so far as to say I’ve found Thermomix Consultants to be somewhat cult like in their over-enthusiasm to promote their product.

Before you all bombard me with emails of complaint and hate mail – I know that the Consultants are there to help you out with your machine.  I’m sure that is true and that they are very helpful, however because this is an un-biased assessment of my thoughts, I didn’t WANT the big spiel from the converts.  I wanted the basic know how so I could make my own mind up.

So I found out my next door neighbour had one, and she so very kindly gave me a thorough demonstration on how to use it and let me borrow it over the course of a week so I could find out what all the hype was about.  Kate (my neighbour) purchased one about two years ago as she doesn’t much like to cook and was sold on the ‘my life will become easier because of this machine’ sell.

The Thermomix is a  kitchen appliance has been around for a few years now but has only in the last few years or so become huge in Australia.  A Thermomix blends, chops, kneads, mixes, heats and pretty much does everything in the kitchen except clean the dishes and cooks toast.  It is a device aimed to save time and money in the kitchen. Although for the cost of this product – it would want to.  It currently retails for over $2,000!!!!!!!. Now nearly every person I know that does have a Thermomix (ie three people) rave about it.  But I’ve managed to cook in my kitchen for years and years without such an appliance – so I was very sceptical about how I would feel about this appliance.

I selected a few recipes to try.

First of all I made a Creamed Rice.  Apart from a bit of a fight with the lid (should have probably read the instructions there) – it was easy.  Unfortunately it was the best tasting creamed rice I had ever eaten, so says hubby (who hates rice).  The spatula that comes with it was tricky to use and didn’t quite get all the smush out of the tiny little jug.

Next of all I thought I would try the Homemade Chocolate Yogo from our website.  It was creamy, it was delicious and my children said it was the best tasting chocolate custard they had ever eaten.

However washing the chocolate custard out of the bowl was a nightmare – even when I tried the ‘automatic cleaning mode ie turning up high’.  Not happy Jan.  Yes I cut myself on the blades.  Silly – yes I didn’t read the instructions.  My bad.

Next I made the potato fritters that came with the Thermomix recipe book – and I can tell you they were a great big fat MESS of epic proportions.  My neighbour that had let me borrow the ‘Thermy’ as she called it said it was really easy to turn everything into mush – and she was correct.  So I’m thinking this machine is better for desserts and sauces then it is ‘meals’.  It is very easy to over blend everything.

I can see how the Thermomix would encourage people to eat better, eat fresher and cook more from scratch.  BUT, it would only take a few more minutes to use simple appliances or utensils you already have to achieve the same thing.  Me, I prefer the simpleness of a good wooden spoon, a bowl and a bit of elbow grease.  Cooking for me is from the heart, something enjoyable to do as a family.  Throwing a few items into a machine and hitting the ‘go’ button seems somewhat sterile.

Pro’s of the Thermomix:

  • Makes quick desserts and baby food very very easy.
  • I like the weighing function as you add the ingredients
  • Commercial grade blender – boy can it blend!
  • Fantastic for sauces etc.
  • You can use it to make your own rice flour etc – great for food allergies

Con’s of the Thermomix:

  • Price, price, price, price.  Oh did I say it was expensive?  There are now cheaper options available such as the Bellini (which are still expensive).
  • They said it’s easy to clean – I found it was not easy to clean.
  • You can’t buy them at the shops, you have to go through a Consultant.
  • Very easy to turn all food into mush.
  • Very very noisy.
  • Takes up a LOT of room on the bench top.
  • The jug isn’t particularly big
  • People that own one become somewhat gang like

Altogether although it is good at what it does – I think it is better suited to a commercial kitchen, a family with food allergies or gluten intolerance or a serious foodie. I think it would  be a good investment if you had to make  your own gluten free flours etc. But if you’re just a normal mum on a budget – seriously – a metal bowl and a whisk works just as well – and you get a great arm workout whilst your at it.

Would I buy one?

Sorry – no.

If I had a spare $2,000 lying around there are MUCH better things to do with my money.

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