Pukara Estate Review

In the mail this week I received a couple of bottles of goodies from Pukara Estate.

The first was a Caramelised Australian Balsamic Vinegar.  Forget wine – I could drink this stuff from the bottle.  Unlike other similar brands such as the Your Inspiration At Home version, it isn’t too sickly sweet – and has a extreme kick of vinegar at the end (when you have it straight) which gives it a real zest.

I used it as a dipping sauce with garlic bread – fantabulous.  It would make for a great salad dressing, sauce over a barbecued chicken breast.  Or seriously – just drink it.  It’s good.

The second bottle they sent me was a Garlic Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Now this one will keep away the vampires!  WHOA!!!!!!!  I have bought garlic flavoured oils before for cooking, but never an extra virgin version.  This stuff is great as a Dukkah dip to give it a bit more bang than standard olive oil.  Again would be lovely over salads or a nice piece of salmon encrused with some macadamia nuts or pistachios’s.

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Get it For Christmas

You can pick up your own bottle of Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar right here –> http://www.pukaraestate.com.au/vinegars. The 250 ml bottle starts at $22. The 500 ml bottle is $35.95, the 2.5 litre bottle is $125 or go big with the 5 litre bottle for $210.

Deliciously thick and rich, our caramelised balsamic vinegar is perfect with Pukara Estate extra virgin olive oils as a dressing or used as a glaze to prepare quick and tasty dishes. Add a splash to pasta sauces or gravy for added richness and complexity or try over strawberries and ice-cream.

You can test out the Garlic Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil, perfect, with some barbequed prawns and freshly chopped continental parsley or roast potatoes with rosemary and cracked black pepper right here –> http://www.pukaraestate.com.au/olive-oils. The 250 ml bottle starts at $16, the 500 ml bottle is $26, the 2.5 litre bottle is $70 or go big with the 5 litre bottle for $120.

Thanks Pukara Estate for letting us trial your product and adding a little bit of fancy to our summer meals.

xxx Kate and the team at SAHM


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