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Okay…. so hands up mums and dads. How many of us out there have an iPad or tablet for the kids? I am so guilty of this. In fact, both my children (aged two and four), know how to navigate through the iPad like little baby genius hackers. They even know the bloody code to unlock the screen and… wait for it.. my son has almost cracked the Apple Sign In password (which is 12 digits long!)

However, there is a big difference between letting your kids troll through various YouTube videos on the iPad and playing educational games (yes, I am guilty of both). Whether your child is just beginning with letter recognition or has begun readingbooks , ABC Reading Eggs can improve your child’s reading and writing skills in a matter of weeks. In fact, 91 per cent of parents who try ABC Reading Eggs report a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading within the first few weeks.

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ABC Reading Eggs is designed to teach young children essential early literacy skills in a fun and highly engaging way. The program is developed by a team of Australian primary educators with over 30 years’ experience, and is built upon recognised learning principles and solid scientific research on how children most effectively learn.

Learning to read is one of the most fundamental factors in achieving success in school and in later life. Research has shown that early exposure to reading contributes significantly to a child’s overall literacy success, and gives them a head start ahead of their peers.

ABC Reading Eggs is offering Stay At Home Mum readers an exclusive 4 week free trial of their multi-award winning online reading program for ages 3 to 13.

Why We Love It

  • It Caters to Your Child: With a comprehensive range of self-paced and interactive reading lessons, ABC Reading Eggs lets children build their literacy skills in a safe and highly supportive online learning environment. The program follows your child’s individual level and chooses activities based on their age. You can also add more than one child to your free trial.
  • It Entertains Them: The program features fun characters, catchy music and an exciting rewards system to enhance children’s motivation throughout the program and sustain their interest over a long period of time.
  • You Can Track Their Results: Parents have the ability to track their child’s progress with an integrated reporting feature, check their estimated reading age, and choose to have their child repeat lessons if necessary to reinforce key concepts.
  • It complements their School Learning: The program focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success, instructing children in the five areas crucial to literacy development – phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. In fact, my son first told me about ABC Reading Eggs from playing it in his Kindergarten class.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what our kids and mums had to say about ABC Reading Eggs. 

What Our Kids Had to Say – Review ABC Reading Eggs



Nate (aged seven): 

“I like that you can play a mini car game if you complete a quiz”‘

Summer (aged three):

“Mum lets me use her computer and I can press all the buttons without getting in trouble. The eggs are the best, I love baby chickens and they live in eggs. I’m learning to write my name and the Eggs help me try and remember the letters. I like books and mum says it will help me learn to read them on my own so I can read Cinderella, that’s my favourite’.

Paige (aged six):

“I like collecting the Reading Eggs Critters, I like seeing them move and dance” 

Flynn (aged six):

“I like it because there are games on there, like car games and you can do stuff to get the other racer back behind you”

Jacob (aged four):

“I like the game with the eggys that you press and crack. I like it when the egg sploshes on the bird’s head. And I like it ’cause it’s silly and every time I press the cupcake the ant pops up. It’s so funny!” 

What Our Mums Had to Say

Jody (Mum to two boys, aged seven and six):

“My kids are mad on computer games, and seem to most of the time just want to play mindless games that just shoot or drive a car.  I like that they enjoy this and they are learning at the same time.  Some of the songs are rather catchy too.  I don’t mind if they spend an hour playing Reading Eggs, but I do mind if they spent an hour playing video games”

Jenna (mum to one boy, aged four, and one girl, aged two):

Both my kids love this game! My little one sits beside her brother and mouths the sounds. My son, who is four, has picked up on a number of different sounds and letters from just playing it a couple of times. Very happy with this app!

Kylie (mum to one boy, aged eight and one girl, aged six): 

Paige really enjoyed playing the games and doing the puzzles. I found that the site was easy for kids to use and had lots of fun with it. I really love how you can print off the certificates that they earn.

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