The Cult of Thermomix Again in Clusterf*ck of Legal TroubleYeah, I don't like em....

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I somewhat giggled with total glee when I saw this news report (and to clarify – I am not giggling at people who have been hurt by this machine – I’m not like that!)  You see, I’ve NEVER liked Thermomix…..  Or Thermocult as I call it….

If you own one, good for you!  Remember, this is just my opinion….. but I Hate them – I Hate them – I Hate them. I for one don’t see the point in paying an absolute fortune for a machine that just mixes and heats…. unless your family is vegan or has food allergies, I guess…..otherwise – grab a bowl and wooden spoon!

Anyways….. has reported today that the ACCC is taking legal action against Thermo-cult as they have ALLEGEDLY been forcing consumers to sign non-disclosure agreements in exchange for receiving compensation when their machines went wrong. And boy have they. With multiple reports in news over the last few years of people being severely burned.

Danika Jones from Western Australia is just one example. Danika was severely burnt when her Thermomix burst open during operation leaving her covered in boiling liquid.

Danika is quoted as saying:

“I had popped the pasta sauce ingredients in the Thermomix using the same recipe I’ve used every week since I bought the machine more than two years ago. Towards the end of the process it was pureeing the sauce when it started making a funny noise and vibrating, I walked over to turn it off and as I did that, it just exploded – the lid blew off and hot liquid went everywhere, all over me. The pain was intense.”

danika jones | Stay at Home Mum
Image Via WA Today


Image Via WA Today
Image Via WA Today


Under Australian Consumer Law, Purchasers of a faulty product have rights for which businesses cannot restrict, alter, or remove and this includes getting a product repaired or replaced, or receiving a refund.

Thermocult has been accused of doing this in 14 different cases!

Surprised?  Nope!

Many unhappy Thermomix customers with faulty machines have accused the company of ‘gagging’ them from speaking about the faults. Several consumers have also accused Thermomix management of bullying tactics and intimidation when trying to get a machine fixed, or a refund or replacement.

A woman from Victoria who chose to remain anonymous advised

“I was forced to sign a gag order, which I stated from day dot that I refused to do. After fighting for over 12 months, I just wanted the machine gone and a refund,” she said.

The case is now in the hands of the ACCC and the case was filed in the Federal Court today.  The case begins on the 21st July and we can’t wait to see what the results will be – we will keep you in the loop!


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