The Day I Fell In Love With Video GamesWhen I saw my husband and two sons playing Super Mario Maker, I just had to give a go!

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My daily life as the mother of two boys can be summed up in two words: video games.

Sounds like, “Ping”, “Da-lingggg” and “da-da-da-daaannn” are part of my everyday life. They coincide with, “Give me the control”, “It’s my turn” and “MUUUUUUMMMM”.

Ah, it’s joyful (add sarcastic snort).

You see, I like to think of myself as an intelligent woman. Someone who prefers to read books, drink coffee with my pinkie-finger poking up (this is a joke), cook lovely meals for my family and you know, just steer clear of anything that beeps at me when I fail to jump over the fake water.

Video games, well they haven’t been my thing for a while now. I did have this one traumatic experience when I was younger and my friend beat my record on my favourite Super Mario game. I threw the control at the television and well, that’s the end of that story. It sounds pathetic but believe me, there was a whole lot of drama laced in to that childhood memory!

The point is, ever since that moment I have spent my life avoiding the urge to pick up the controller and dominate that Super Mario game like it was the Christmas turkey —stuffed with the taste of a winner!

That was until my boys got a copy of the new Super Mario Maker for Wii U. Then everything changed.

On this very night, as I was chopping up the veggies for dinner, I watched as my two sons sat on the couch learning to create their own level of Super Mario. They added blocks, jumps, clouds, little turtle things and platforms.

I was fascinated. Not only by the fact that they were happily playing together but that they were creating this new level all by themselves, using their brains and heck, even learning a thing or two.

Was I jealous? Maybe a little. But I just kept chop, chopping away.

Of course, it didn’t take long before good-ol’ hubby jumped in on the Super Mario Maker bandwagon. I watched as our boys sat there and taught their father how to create his own level and then took turns playing it out. No arguments, just plain ol’ family fun.

Ok, I was a little jealous now!

However, to continue my fabulous motherly reputation of reading books and sipping coffee with my pinkie-finger pointing up (ha), I refrained from ripping the control out of their hands to create my own “girly” level.

I wanted a go so bad that I felt like a little girl again, eyes glued to the television as my fingers naturally swished across the controls to every new level. Drunk on the feeling of the little man in red bouncing up and down as each level was won.

But instead, I sat and read my book, counting down the minutes until bedtime. Mind you, it was so nice watching my family happily play together with Super Mario Maker offering us endless Mario fun.

At 7.30pm on the dot, I told the boys to pop off to bed, pushed my husband off the couch and snatched that little remote up like it was a frosted donut.

I could add an evil cackle in here but that would be too much, right?

So for the next 30 minutes, I sat there with my husband immersed in the game, creating my own little Super Mario level. I created a pretty little cloud level, with trees and cute little hills to skip across the coins.

We then took turns completing the level — yes, I gave up the control for five minutes.

Don’t judge me ok, we haven’t laughed that much in ages. It was seriously the best present we could have bought for our kids; for our family.

Unfortunately though, we were busted by the boys. They probably heard my snort laugh from their beds.

We let them play with us for another half an hour, just to make them happy.

And you know what? It was worth every second.

Super Mario Maker is our little family secret now. We whip it out for family time — and the boys don’t judge me (or my competitive side) one little bit!

For more info on this great game and so much more check out the Nintendo Website.




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