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At Stay at Home Mum, we like to offer our two cents as much as possible. So here is one of our SAHM Moderators, Nan’s take on the Zelmer Solaris Vacuum Cleaner, sold through 


At first glance, the European made Solaris by Zelmer looks well meaning and humble, but let me tell you this baby sucks! Yes, you read correctly. The Solaris really sucks!! 😉

The 2200kw motor is surprisingly very quiet and enables the Solaris to clean thoroughly and efficiently. I vacuumed under my son’s bed while he slept and he didn’t stir. That’s a win in my book! The power of the motor also means no more going over the same patch of carpet 10 times.

The Solaris is fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver. It moved smoothly over my carpet and upon pressing the button to release the brush under the head, it glided effortlessly over my tiles.

Handy onboard tools and digitally controlled power adjustment ensure the Solaris is fairly easy to move from the floor to curtains and upholstery. You simply attach the mini head press the power adjust button and the level changes to suit your needs. Your curtains will never be sucked into the machine again! The onboard tools also help when vacuuming out your car, however their short length made it a little tricky to get into some of the confined dash and door spaces.

Also, removing the suction tube from the suction hose can be difficult. There is a small metal button that needs to be pressed. You then rotate the tube to pull it out. I found this a little irritating and time consuming.

On the whole, the Zelmer Solaris is a quality machine that will leave your carpets, floors, upholstery, curtains & fixtures well cleaned, with minimal effort on your part. It is also great for pet hair with its rotating turbo head and comes with a 2 year warranty for piece of mind. I definitely recommend this product.vacuum parts logo solid circle (1)

The Statistics: 

Affordability: This baby retails around the $599.00 mark; however,  has it  on special for $349.00

Maneuverability: Excellent. Lightweight and great around furniture

Where to Learn More: Vacuum Parts Online

Reviewed by Christiann Hosking

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