21 Controversial Topics Parenting Bloggers Can Write AboutWant to grow your blog big and FAST!

21 Controversial Topics Parenting Bloggers Can Write About

After blogging full time for 8 years now, I have a pretty good idea about what topics I know will blow up the blogosphere!  But I’ll admit that some of them really surprised me at the time.  I’m all for passionate debate on social media, after all, it does give everyone a voice.  The problem with posting controversial topics on a regular basis is that your hard core fans get a bit ‘burnt out’ by the really loud few who are just so passionately outraged that you dare write about such topic!

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Why Write a Controversial Topic?

If you are wanting to grow your blog numbers FAST, nothing will get it faster than controversial!  Look at famous bloggers such as Constance Hall!  She speaks her mind and she is opinionated and doesn’t care what other people say – she sticks to her guns and people love her for it.  That is why she has grown so quickly.  The downside is that she has haters too (well all blogger do) – so with great power also comes great responsibility!

Stick to the following tips, and buckle in the wild ride ahead!

My tips for writing about these topics (if you want to go there) are:

  • Do your research thoroughly on each topic, and make sure you quote your sources.
  • Have a person that is professional in that field do a quote for your article.  Not only does it give your article ‘Street Cred’ – but it also gives them exposure, and a place for people to get more information if they wish.
  • Ensure you have fully brief moderators on your social media channels at the time of posting.
  • Talk to your team beforehand on a plan for moderation – what will you allow, and what won’t you allow.
  • Allow people to have their say, but don’t allow anyone to bully anyone else – or your follower numbers will drop significantly!
  • Always have a place to link to for people to seek more information.
  • Workshop every possible outcome before posting.

Okay, here we go!  The 21 Most Controversial Topics for Parenting Bloggers

Circumcision – Yes/No Reasons


Abortion and Pro-Lifers


Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination


Unhealthy School Lunch Options (yes really!)


Government Parenting Payments, Centrelink


Negative Product Reviews on Popular Products



Ironing (especially bed sheets)


People that don’t iron ever or don’t own one

People that iron everything (ps you haven’t lived until  you have slept in ironed sheets!


Breast Feeding (Only Breast is Best).


  • Breastfeeding over the age of 2
  • Everyone that doesn’t breastfeed should die in a fire


Bottle Feeding (But I can’t Breast Feed!)


Controlled Crying and Sleep Training


Toilet Roll Rules


School Bullying, Workplace Bullying, School Mum Bullying


Transitioning to Plant-Based Eating (Vegans) Urghh


Promoting Obesity as Big is Beautiful rather than Unhealthy


Autism Spectrum, ADHD and ODD


Screen Time for Children (Too Much, Too Violent, Not Allowing Them Time at All)


Animal Testing on Anything


Women’s Rights, Men’s Rights, Gender Equality, Gender Discrimination


Gender Selection via IVF


Alternative Medicine (cough cough Essential Oils)


Naplan Testing in Our Schools


Weight Loss that isn’t Diet and Exercise

Gun Control (not exactly parenting related – but still a topic people are passionate about)


So this isn’t a comprehensive list, but if you are planning on building your blog fast – these are the topics to choose from.  Do so at your peril!

Do you have any topics you think should be added to this list?  Let us know about them!

21 Controversial Topics Parenting Bloggers Can Write About

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