4 Inexpensive Writing Resources for Non-Writers with a Small BusinessOnly got a small budget for blog writing? Read on!

All the information in the internet and from experts around the web tell you that everyone that owns a website needs to blog.

But what if you aren’t a writer? Or have no idea what to write? Or you don’t have time to write?

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This is a really common problem because small business owners are as busy as fuck and the last thing they really need it to stay up until 2am in the morning trying to work out “their, they’re and there.” I totally get it!

The great thing about the internet now is that there are multiple inexpensive writing resources available just for people like you! The trick is to find them, and I’ve done all that work for you (send me chocolates!). Of course, like everything – there are pros and cons of this, let’s go through them.

Pros of using inexpensive writing resources:

  • The pros are that you can get all your writing done at a super cheap price. In fact, no matter what your budget is, there is one to suit you.
  • They are usually very fast and efficient.
  • When you find an awesome writer, you can request to keep working with them specifically.
  • You can get a great deal of content for your blog or website and use it as a basis to customise it to your taste.

Cons of using inexpensive writing resources:

  • You can sometimes have a lot of non-English speaking writers apply, now some are fantastic with their writing skills, others are not. So sometimes, you are going to have to reject the work. This can take time.
  • You need to ensure that the content provided is run through something like Grammarly to ensure it is unique content and not just copied elsewhere. In saying that, many of the inexpensive writing platforms now have their own in-built plagiarism checks to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • You are not going to get an award-winning blog piece that breaks records with traffic by using a writing resource. An amazing piece can only be written by a professional writer who takes the time to research the topic thoroughly – and this takes cash money!

So now you know the pros and cons, let’s look at some of the writing resources available:


iWriter is great for both budding writers looking for extra cash, and website owners that need to find content. Basic content pieces start from $6 for standard writers and go right up to professional writers at $39 per piece. Of course the longer the content, the more you pay.

The good thing about iWriter is that they have a huge range of writers, so you can choose a writer for your specific industry.

They offer different types of articles too such as:

  • Article Re-writes
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • eBooks
  • Kindle Books

iWriter Pricing Schedule | Stay at Home Mum


HireWriters is a similar format to iWriter. Writers have a deadline of 24 hours to complete a job, however, if you are in a hurry, you can fast-track content and get it done in as little as six hours! You only agree to pay the writer if you are totally happy with the content provided. HireWriters uses Copyscape to ensure any content submitted is original. This is done before you can even click on the content to view it (I like that!).

HireWriters costing starts from as little as $1.50 for a short article. You can specify how much you wish to pay per article, then it is up to the pool of writers to decide if they want to write that content, for that price (of course, you will attract a higher quality of writers with additional funds).

Their scope of writers is from beginner through to expert writers – all with star ratings.

Types of writing jobs you can get done through HireWriters include:

  • Articles
  • Re-written articles
  • Facebook Fanpage Post
  • Data Entry Work
  • Transcription
  • Poetry
  • eBooks

Their dashboard looks a tad dated and is certainly not as easy to use as iWriters – but it is a lot cheaper.

Hire Writer | Stay at Home Mum


Designrr is an automated ebook creator. And it is pretty darn nifty. How it works is that you login and add the content or just the URL that your content is on, choose a layout and a selection of royalty free images, and it converts the whole lot into a pretty shit-hot ebook without much work. The online program was written by the author of ‘Content Marketing for Dummies’ – and he knows his stuff!

In fact, I’ve made quite of few of my ebooks in Designrr as it is easy and I don’t have a whole lot of graphic art experience.

Once you sign up, you can make as many projects as you like and there is help the whole way if you get stuck, and even training videos – but seriously I found I didn’t need all that – just an hour or two of playing with the features will make you an expert.

designerr | STay at Home Mum

Online Jobs Philippines

Before you roll your eyes, having a part-time or full-time content writer for your online business or website can really make a lot of sense. You see, what may only seem like a few dollars per hour here in Australia or the UK or US, is a fortune to those living in the Philippines. They are delightful people who work super hard, have excellent English and writing skills, and you can even find many with University Degrees.

Best of all, not only can they write, they can also do SEO and data entry. In fact, if you can think of a job that can be done online, you can find a writer to suit you and your businesses needs.

The most legitimate site to find great staff is Online Jobs Philippines. You can browse all the potential candidates and then just email the ones that seem like a great fit for you. Then you choose the one you wish to employ – and you go from there!

online jobs ph | Stay at Home Mum

Let’s go over the Pros and Cons of hiring a Filipino Virtual Employee.


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  • They work really hard, are lovely and very good at their jobs.
  • You can get a part-time or full-time employee to do all the jobs you don’t like doing, at a fraction of the cost it would incur in Australia.
  • They are often a lot smarter than we are.
  • You can search for staff according to your set budget.


  • You need to show them how to do things your way at first – yes, that means give them a bit of training.
  • If they are embarrassed about not being able to do something, they tend to disappear. This is where the training kicks in.
  • You have to pay them through the online portal – which isn’t necessarily a con.
  • You have to sign up to the site before you are allowed to browse the candidates.


There is an online solution to every business problem now if you look hard enough. These should really help the non-witers to flourish their sites with great content which in turn will give you higher rankings on Google, and in turn — more customers.

Which of these writing resources have you tried?

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